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  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Beschwerden

    From that time on ……every nine state son people, descend go to a common mountain people, up go to the somebody of eight greatest religious sects, once arriving'year fiesta'of day, all need to do obeisance a fiesta Yu emperor, do obeisance a fiesta, these nine dings.Ding also became to offer sacrifices to artifacts.
    The legend of Yu emperor, nine dings, the son people of nine state the earths is each to know, year fiesta of time, who don't do obeisance a fiesta?
    "The emperor of the Yu old man's house, stay this to hide treasure diagram, return come to this skill.Nine dings ……ever since that time your old man's house leaves human life, world disorderly, these nine dings can have already disappeared to have no Zong.Seem, also poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'the elder generation once got one among those dings."Deng Geng is that iron dress door enforce the law elder, concerning the elder generation superior's message knows of many.
    From the thou arrive now, there is history the most fantastic, person can be juxtaposed, also four-the Zu teacher of Yu emperor, Qin Ling Tian's emperor and sakya, poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'.
    "Lee too white elder generation, once got one Ding in those early years, also use that Ding, prosperous wine to drink."Deng Geng also remembers that those jot down.
    Lee is too white, should be have a history the most natural and unrestrained unruly an in the greatest four personal things.Although there is the rare force of invincible world, disunity world, don't spread pupil to sign religious sect as well.Holdses one handle green lotus sword, natural and unrestrained walk world, leave a legend.With nine one of the dingses, go fetch to drink, would be an one among the legends.
    At that time Lee too the white still felt deeply about:"These nine state dings, be subjected to nine state son people joss stick oblation, unexpectedly become like this miraculous.Is originally huge however one big thing, at present only a bowl of sort size, even I the green Feng swords can not harm it the slightest, magic magic!"
    On nine state the earths, some religious sect somebodies, also all know these literary references.
    Nine dings can diminish, and can not break the slightest!
    That poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', but may compare the Yu emperor's person, even he can not also harm these nine dings, can know, nine Ding magic.
    From Yu empress, numerous son people of nine state the earths, the generation generations all do obeisance fiesta Yu emperor and nine dings.The generation generation comes down and arrives at present ……in much public, those nine dings, already not only the list was artifacts, those is also the symbol of nine state the earths representative, contain nine consigning of state son people!
    In the lake bottom, Deng Geng Xin's bottom is anxious.
    "I iron lord in in the past door in the dress door, enforce the law elder, all have been looking for this to hide treasure diagram!Now found out, more than 1,000 years, can he the Niang ground is at this juncture, this hides treasure diagram to also remind me and also wants a Ding, common of the Ding still don't become and must be one Ding in nine dings, not is play a person!"Deng Geng urgently must really want to scold a Yu emperor, " is nine Ding magics, I how to seek iron dress door?Be in front of me, I am afraid all incognizant."
    An appearance flash across in the Deng Geng brain, the that Wei the list elder generation bone Hai wears before the chest of black small Ding.
    "H'm!"Deng Geng's facial expression changed, eyes also were getting brighter.
    "To, rightness!"Deng Geng's concussion is thousand times, " nine Ding magics can also change size thousand times.Poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'get of one Ding, ability as bowl size, that the nature can also become as if finger size!No wonder that, that Wei's list is personal to wear that small Ding!"
    "And this small Ding, soak hundreds of years in Shui-li, also have no lousy, don't also living green Tai etc..Originally I think to is a precious material and see now, ha ha, the ability row is nine dings, this small Ding steeps in Shui-li, again how can lousy?"
    Deng Geng more wants to more feel right.
    That Wei's list but inborn gold Dan superior, how so Qiao, wear such geezer small Ding?And Wei's list at the right moment gets this second half part to hide treasure diagram ……once each other combine, completely can reason logically.Wei list because hide treasure diagram, would cautiously look for small Ding.Occasionally get, certainly personal wear!

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    Even he has never listenned to of material, steep in water bottom don't the slightest change for 600 years ……small Ding like this, who have ability to build out?, So does the Qiao, the previous incarnation this present life, all appear such a small Ding?
    These problems has to puzzle the Teng green mountain!
    "So does the Qiao, two worlds, all appear this small Ding?Or, I fore a life time wears of the small Ding, also similar to me, arrive at this world, just did it arrive more than 600 year agos?"The Teng green mountain thoughts of this, not from shake head the viewpoint of vetoing oneself, the all these is too fantastic.
    BE just thinking in the brain, but the vision of Teng green mountain every moment targets this lake noodles.
    Lake bottom deep place, the ray shooting down from the lake noodles is very weak.
    However, in the lake bottom have one big regiment white light cover, at the light cover inside of is Deng Geng!Leave a body by inborn true dollar, around form a light cover in the body, the light covers inside at the right moment have many airs, with Deng Geng short of breath ability, this air is good enough to he is in the lake bottom for a long time for a long time.
    ", That treasure diagram, drive the strong that kills Wei list elder generation, take?"Deng Geng's eyebrows is wrinkly, he lowers the head, the light cover covering with just closes in the arm to bend place, the hands still soak in lake water, his hands constantly scoop out, stir up bottom silt in the lake, " turns over this lake bottom completely aught a time again say."
    Deng Geng still has much of patience.
    One inch inch the place one by one in order turn over to seek, some crushed stones head, putrefied corpse etc. of bird snake.
    This is in the lake bottom on seeking, is a hour!But Deng Geng this is just only a big lake bottom the promise and turns over to seek a lesser half district just.
    "H'm?"Deng Geng Shou is in the silt on grasping, suddenly run into a piece of hard thing, Deng Geng also has no the slightest excited, just very at will of come out hard thing Ye.Running into a hard thing in the lake bottom is too normal, bird bone Hai, rock etc. is too many, however when he a Ye come out, eyes then stare Be getting bigger.
    This is the hard thing of one cube shape.
    Deng Geng's hands fiercely on wiping, wipe surface layer things all clean, the ray of light that only cover of the previously innocent dollar shines in glory bottom, Deng Geng Neng is clear to see-this is a piece of and black metal slice.This is black metal one among those noodleses up, have good the knife engrave closely of line scar.
    This material that acquaint with, acquaint with of line scar, excitedly tremble Deng Geng's heart.
    "Ha ha, is it, is it."None of Deng Geng's hands from tremble, " black iron treasure diagram!Ha ha, this second half part of black iron treasure diagram, I iron dress door finally got!Ancestors!I iron dress door is prosperous have already hoped, ha ha, first half part of black iron treasure diagram, ancestors' more than 1,000 year agoses have to arrive.Differs this second half parts of treasure diagrams.Now, the treasure diagram unites as one, together!I iron dress door, can open legendary Yu emperor's treasure to hide!"
    Deng Geng excitedly all over the Zhan Li get up.
    Iron dress in the article of death front to ancestors of door all entrusts iron lord in in the past door in the dress door and never gives up to look for second half part of black iron treasure diagram!There are first half parts of treasure diagrams in iron dress door, as long as don't reveal ……that, the other people get the second half part to also open a treasure to hide.So, iron dress door wants ~only effort, the one day there will can become.
    "More than 1,000 years!Ha ha ……"Deng Geng unprecedented concussion, suddenly, his vision is one Ning, " Yi, does this black iron treasure diagram still have a small word?"
    In black iron treasure diagram that closely under the line scar, unexpectedly have a row of characters vestige-"must hide a treasure diagram, hard rush to then is certain to die, good treasure, need to take one Ding in nine dings, this, must bear in mind!"

    Chapter 23 nine dings
    Dark lake bottom, Deng Geng looking at this black iron treasure diagram that a row of characters vestige, silly eye.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    The Teng green mountain imitates Buddha a bird and once flies lake noodles and held tight the corpse of farmland elder and fell lake opposite shore and threw that corpse slightly ground up, send out of action small pole.In this way once, the Teng green mountain returned to that Wei again the list elder generation bone Hai location part.
    "Now, just only one left Deng Geng!"The Teng green mountain right hand grasps to fly knife.
    Deal with that G, the best good opportunity is when the other party just wanted dew, give he a flew knife!The Teng green mountain previous incarnation is a cutthroat, be subjected to of train that is to don't hesitate available means, kill opponent by minimum price, he can't foolishly pursue equity.After all the Teng green mountain doesn't know the other party true real strenght.
    Teng green mountain the vision isn't intentional to decline a Wei of the hands of Cang dragon.
    On the Cang Long Shou of Wei, it is taking a pair of purple gloves.
    "H'm?"The Teng green mountain still remembers previous 2 people dialogue, " this is the absolute being soldier whom they say'eagle claw in the sky'!That Wei list ……they say, that is also the inborn gold Dan, once the row 《placard in the sky 》 front ten of super strong, this personal weapon that waited a strong, settle not general."
    Teng green mountain left hand in addition to descend that'eagle claw in the sky', from beginning to end, the right hands of Teng green mountain all hold to fly knife and prepare to assault Deng Geng who come out the surface at any time.
    "It is pretty heavy."Left hand Dian Dian, peep out a surprised color in the Teng green mountain eyes, " this'eagle claw in the sky'boxing set, suddenly on seeing, seem to be more frivolous, should be light, can in fact, but have several catties of heavy."
    The Teng green mountain realizes that this weapon valuable degree, being no lower than own transmigration of soul gun is afraid.
    The Teng green mountain left hand puts on first a , 'eagle claw in the sky'gloves, although is heavy, very soft, good stuck the 1 F skin sort on the hand.But in the joint, finger tip position, but is dark purple metal, seem to be very sharp.Wear to begin a set, Teng green mountain at random a wave hand.
    Imitate the Buddha benefit sword sting to break air.
    "No wonder that that Wei Cang dragon, wear this gloves, can easily grasp a ground mountain stone."It presents a mind in the Teng green mountain brain, " contained this gloves ……that I completely can depend this gloves, and the other people sharp absolute being soldier fought, my form idea boxing, also use violence of ground!"
    Although the Teng green mountain hands are harder than steel.
    Can be again hard, can not also with'ten thousand years cold iron'wait to compare.The sharp knife sword of generally strong, the Teng green mountain dares to with bare hands grasp to answer.
    Can if is the knife sword of transmigration of soul gun this Class, the Teng green mountain with bare hands grasps and estimates to be chopped a hand by the somebody else!
    "H'm, since today, knife Ba man, this identity, wear eagle claw in a sky, fight!"The Teng green mountain heart bottom has been already prepared and make own incarnation, become an establish a reputation person.That later ……make use of famous of'incarnation', will have intention to unexpectatively wonderful place.
    The lightning flash sort right hand also takes to start a set.
    "Having is this pair of'eagle claw in the sky', complete can and the inborn is strong near body war."While Teng green mountain is putting on gloves, also each grasp a handle to fly knife, silent stare at that lake bottom.
    Once Deng Geng emits a head, two handles fly knife to shoot to pass by!
    Time passes and turns an eye, then near was getting halfer of two-hour period in the past, Deng Geng still don't come out.
    "This G can also really support in water bottom."Waiting is half of two-hour period, but the Teng green mountain isn't the slightest anxious, his half squats down, on the hands of fly knife firm, have no one silk rock.He face top but have one silk smiling face:"Arrive to this silver Cape mountain, can get this small Ding, be most regarded as an accident to biggestly harvest."
    Get small Ding, in touched happy remaining, the Teng green mountain also has some doubts.
    "Size, style and touch, and the small Ding of previous incarnation looks exactly alike!"
    "But, this small Ding remains in the lake bottom be soaked for 600 years by water!Exactly is what metal, soaked for 600 years ……unexpectedly have no a little influence."

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    Chapter 35 white Ma Bang Liu's three Yes
    In the morning, iron connects top of hill a , Teng green mountain and Teng the green tiger is 2 people.
    "Green mountain, do you seek me to occupy?"The Teng green tiger is extremely proud of success recently, 50 five long have a competition, he obtains the first, getting 100 men is long of, certainly proud.
    The Teng green mountain pulls a long face:"See you like this, you forgot, in June, be that another time recruit New appointee.When the time comes black A soldier will definitely eight weakest 100 mens long, make this eight weakest 100 mens long go to with newly arrived top-grade Wu Zhe, fight 100 man long of."
    The Teng green tiger is one Zheng, immediately touch head, the Hey Hey says with smile:"The Zha does to do for the Zha when the time comes!"
    "Immediately after."The Teng green mountain takes out a book from the bosom and hurls.
    "What is this ?"The Teng green tiger answers, this obviously was some book of preliminary draft bookbinding but becomes, not print edition, the white paper of this cover up the writing have four big words-very hot fire five types!
    The Teng green tiger in astonishment connects to browse to open.
    "Green mountain, this, this ……" Teng green tiger eyes are shone, the surprise looking at a Teng green mountain, "green mountain, this is and inside the strength match with of marksmanship secret!You which come of?Oh, my inside strength match with this marksmanship, power big.However, look pretty complicated appearance."
    Suddenly, the Teng green tiger is one Leng, the Zheng Zheng looking at a Teng green mountain:"Green mountain, this, this is the Mi book that returns a dollar religion?Believe in inside can there is order, they give of Mi book, disallow to pass other people indiscriminately!Otherwise be breach Zong Gui!I can not learn!"Say to connect to throw to the Teng green mountain.
    "Trust, am I that kind of person who don't know what is importance?The Mi in"the Teng green mountain smiles and hurls, " book 《very hot fire five typeses 》s are created by me, your learning is free."
    "Green mountain do you create?"The Teng green tiger stares big eyes.
    Teng green mountain and then take out a《is raging flames to execute by shooting 》 from the bosom:"This 《being raging flames to execute by shooting 》 is to believe in inside give mine, actually, you learned 《 is raging flames to execute by shooting very hot fire five typeses of 》after greatly becoming, again learn 《s 》better.However, I can not breach, either to stipulate inside the religion.Plus, be apart from the next New appointee to enlist, time is too short, let you learn 《is raging flames to execute by shooting 》 first, you will too late study 《very hot fire five typeses 》s."
    Returning a dollar Zong Zong Gui is severe.
    Give an one person Mi book, if the this person full world spreads indiscriminately, that returns a dollar religion to still have what secret can talk?So, Mi book only I can learn, if Be spread to outsider, that responsibility for can Be getting bigger.
    Endanger the light, estimate to all want to close into a jail in about a year, let it repent.
    Endanger the heavy, for example will believe in to spread to go inside the count for much Mi book, that, abrogation fighting skill, or directly sentence to death, all certain.
    However be like 《very hot fire five typeses 》s this kind of from create of, return a dollar religion to can not help, contrary, return a dollar religion once knowing, also want to register this Mi book very happily to, according to lately creating the power of Mi book, also give the reward that person's height of creating the Mi book don't wait.
    "You directly learn 《 very hot fire five types 》, the difficulty is a little bigger!However I teach you in person, the problem isn't big."The Teng green mountain has much of confidence, " you listen to strength of the ability Be getting more quite good and estimate again lead several years, you can attain the situation that person's gun unites as one."When Teng green mountain was young, very easy attain person's gun to unite as one.
    That is the Teng green mountain previous incarnation is the cause of respected master.
    But Teng green tiger, attain person's gun unite as one, this'big gun stake'need to be done for a long time.
    "H'm, green mountain, I listen to yours."There is some expectations in the Teng green tiger.
    "Since today, everyday morning a half hour, the evening is a half hour, study this marksmanship."The Teng green mountain says.
    "BE, cousin's teacher!"The Teng green tiger Xi says with smile.

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    The farmland list also nods a way:"I see, green mountain he cook last several years, perhaps can be to get generally!"
    "When generally get like!Is four now generally get is all core pupil, this rules must also change."Ten thousand any Xiangs only and perhaps the world isn't disorderly.
    "Green mountain, you are all govern, you 100 men of that brigade person's horse long, how choose?Get adult but make you come to settle generally."The farmland list asks a way, " green mountain, make your cousin not'Teng green tiger'be?"
    The farmland list words sound on falling, other 3 people eyebrows a wrinkly.
    "Rules not the ability is bad!Since tomorrow, "the Teng green mountain order way, "'s my camp of 50 five long, start having a competition, finally win of that is 100 men long!"
    Directly make the cousin be 100 men long?
    The Teng green mountain is to have this authority, can the beard know, this black A soldier every half year recruit Xin Ren at a time, 100 weak man of real strenght is long, as usual be eliminated to become five long.So, now even if oneself praises a cousin, also useless, everything wants to be diligent near the cousin him/herself!
    "Should approach top-grade Wu Zhe with cousin's real strenght."Teng green mountain dark way.
    In the next day, China plentiful iron outside the city connects a mountain mineral area in, 50 five long start have a competition.
    This has a competition, can all depend true skill, one settles gain or loss and losts and then has no an opportunity.
    The Teng green tiger yields unusually brilliant results in the middle of having a competition, after all while going into to believe in to investigate, Teng the green tiger is fairly good, once did more'big gun stake', excel to listen to a strength.
    The marksmanship is severe!And after entering a black A soldier, again the self-discipline 《Mang cow devote major efforts Jue 》 , the beard knows a this Teng green tiger, is also practice a tiger boxing for several years.
    The tiger boxing is form idea 12 forms of'tiger form boxing'.
    This tiger boxing did for 67 years, Teng the green tiger is strange through eight veins, there were twos, the Teng green tiger did this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 , on that day the 3 F became and started doing 4 F.Are past for few months at present, the Teng green tiger broke through three blood vesselses and started breaking through the fourth blood vessels!
    Is strange thorough through eight blood vesselses of eight veins, is a 9 F to greatly become.
    Teng the green tiger is three thorough, is a 4 F to greatly become, the self-discipline starts 5 F.
    The Teng green mountain is clear:"Cousin now self-discipline 5 F, moment explosion inside strength, plus body strength, also approach 10000 catties!However, the original cousin is strange to be been sparse by the impurities of eight vein other blood vesselses, elder brother so urgently help near benefit of, discriminate against according to 《Mang cow strongly Jue 》 method, hereafter think breakthrough, will more and more difficult!"
    However the Teng green mountain also has no idea.
    If don't make the cousin practice 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 , want to attain inside boxing in the house'respected master state', perhaps again give Teng green tiger 20 years, all not necessarily become, this respected master state is too difficult.
    Since have no idea.
    The Teng green mountain didn't also obstruct cousin the practice 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 .
    In the middle of having a competition, Teng green tiger the explosion dint of the almost top-grade martial, in addition relentless simple marksmanship!Connect to win unexpectedly and all the way, have been beating till the last 1.The last field, his opponent, is top-grade Wu Zhe, in this war, the Teng green tiger leans against the small control to the body muscle, relentless of marksmanship, unexpectedly and with one action defeat opponent.
    Finally, the Teng green tiger becomes new appointee 100 mens long!
    "Under my guidance, the cousin's marksmanship is simple, borrow to listen to strength skill, but the power isn't small.Canning become 100 men is long, arrive never thought that outside.However ……distance next time recruit New appointee quick."The Teng green mountain wonders, " with cousin's this real strenght, the very possible Cang falls to eight weakest 100 mens to grow under, be challenged again, probably be brushed bottom, again become five long!H'm, since tomorrow, induction cousin 《very hot fire five typeses 》 !"
    《Very hot fire five typeses 》s created by Teng green mountain, be 《very hot fire gun Jue 》 fusion empress of five recruit.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    Hope that the Hong is to believe in a lord among them'various Ge dollar Hong'of two teacher uncle, the status of a generation is the highest, serve as unification to get position for few decade.
    And huge mountain, then'various Ge dollar Hong'of younger brother Shi, serve as generally and get position also all for ten few years.
    As for the third gets generally'Zang Feng'get generally with the fourth'close green', all of that is various Ge dollar in person spreading of the Hong pupil.
    Get position generally, seldom arrive!
    It is all all, have some the head of hoping.
    "The new appointees of your camp all all, this believes in a lord to appoint in person, I inform."Hope a Hong apathetic way, Teng green mountain 5 people all inwardly expect and believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'in person ordination?Appoint who?
    "Since today, I black A the soldier first get, third camp of all all, is ……"
    Hope Hong vision on sweeping 5 people, Hong track, "Teng green mountain!"
    Teng green mountain eyes a bright!Other four publics in is all one Zhan, all some helpless and unwilling, however the morrow then releases however.According to returning the rules that a dollar religion promotes a person, general under the equal ability, will promote young man, see the third get generally'Zang Feng'and the fourth get generally'close green'then know.
    After all young man, the potential is larger.
    The Teng green mountain is again similar to them, go into to believe in to investigate the incoming, plus this a few months, everyone of also quite good, the real strenght of the Teng green mountain needs not more to doubt, everyone also all releases to be pregnant.
    "Teng green mountain."Hope the Hong sees toward the Teng green mountain.
    "Adult."The Teng green mountain Gong body.
    "Since today, you are new appointees all all!"Hope the Hong eyes see a Teng green mountain, " this is to believe in a lord ordination in person, although I don't understand to believe in a lord why appoint your[one] boy that just entered black A soldier for not enough half year, serve as all governed this heavy, , believed in a lord the life, my nature can't defy!And check a purple gold to steal robbery case, you make it also not bad, I still calculate satisfied ……you are in my troops hereafter, don't make me disappoint.If do badly, I as usual withdrew you!"
    "The green mountain bears in mind."The Teng green mountain Gong body.
    Hope Hong of cold fierce, is a black A soldier famous of, connect the third to get generally, the fourth get generally, be all hoped that the Hong Xun once scolds, much less he Teng green mountain?
    "H'm."Hope the Hong point nods, " all fights horse, heavy first grade generally and wait you to return to believe in inside, all when the time comes give you!Like, you continue to garrison here and treat in Marchary period expires, return to again.I will take white right away Qi, first the one step returns to river rather county city, you need not make a big production of, either to send me."
    Press the truth, send to get generally, those are all the whole a the camp person's horses to get in file to send respectfullly.
    However this time, also Teng green mountain their 5 people lead minority of black A soldier non-commissioned officers, have been sending to a foot of a hill bottom and follow with eyes to hope that the Hong gets generally and leads more than ten elites and white Qi and far keeps off.
    Teng green mountain their several people, the Yao sees those ten several dusts that ride to disappear to say with detail a head at the officer, raise one.
    "Although that white Qi is disabled, can still have inside strength fight a horse to like this rush in the body, otherwise, how does he sit!"Ten thousand any Xiangs say with smile.
    White Qi a leg broke for the sake of making him able to can be rushed speed and directly let white Qi body fixedly right away, white the Qi somehow is a peak a the day after tomorrow superior, or can sit a steady war horse.
    "Like, everyone climbs mountain."The Teng green mountain says.
    "We have never congratulated a green mountain on be all generally."The farmland list says, words sound a fall-
    "Belong to bottom, pay a courtesy call on all adult generally!"Liu and suddenly to the Teng green mountain Gong body way.

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    "H'm."Teng any always nods, " iron mountain helped to walk today, however everyone is to must step up training, and, also want to strengthen an alert."
    "H'm, green mountain, your best daytime doesn't enter to greatly postpone a mountain bitterness to do.Want a bitterness to do, the time in morning go, had better 12 hours come back.Or go evening time."Teng cloud dragon also says, the Teng green mountain also nods:"Know, grandfather."
    The Teng green mountain knows that robber's bandit wants to arrive to Chuang in the Teng house, most at least two hours.
    And, robber's the banditses want to be black ex- on sky to rush through to return to old nest.Because this is at ancient, don't give or get an electric shock, once the sky is black to come down, that be the one utter darkness.Unless that night moon very circle, otherwise several hundred ascend thousand person's horses, go forward in the dark night, that is to really live to suffer mental agony.
    So, Teng cloud dragon would so say.After all the Teng green mountain is a clan inside first superior.
    Today if isn't a Teng green mountain, estimate that Chuang in the Teng house will be squeezed one to is 100002 silvers.
    Time silently has no passage of interest, the whole such as Teng cloud dragon anticipates of so, the proper city is inshore to have white Ma Bang, iron mountain help these two greatest gangs, is not likely to fall calm.A time crosses swords, a time kills, white the horse help all very big with the loss that iron mountain help.
    The white Ma Bang's hand is numerous, and owns a great deal of money storage.
    Can iron mountain help of 3 take charge of, the none isn't a severe superior.
    Greatly take charge of'Wang Tie Shan', a handle opens mountain knife bottom, don't know how much superior Yun life.
    Two take charge of'Wang Tie Feng', two handle red copper ball, all someone says that this red copper ball is what blood dyes red.
    Three take charge of'Wang Tie Hai', one pole Jing iron long gun, more declare the proper city is inshore one marksmanship superior.
    These three brotherses know perfectly well white four Ye prestiges of Ma Bang Hong, dare the still just proper city signed gang, there are no several segment of breaking ups, how dare to do?Specially they still from invited everywhere some inside strength Wu Zhe.Although these inside strength Wu Zhe, real strenght general sort, can deal with Ma Ze's bandit, that is very severe.
    Iron mountain helps to come in blustering and menacing manner, malicious hot very.
    But does the white horse help?
    The Hong is four Yes, already the year leads 70, though peak the day after tomorrow, can after all don't step into inborn, this body function descends naturally, boxing afraid young and able-bodied.Hong four Yes also have confidence to one of last Wang Jia San's brotherseses.Can to ascend three, don't go.
    White Ma Bang although 3 take charge of, can moreover 2 take charge of and talk about real strenght, compare Hong four Yes differed a big piece.Although is also inside strength superior, and fierce Wang Jia San's brotherseses of the Zhuo Zhao compare, return the summary differ one silk.
    However the camel of thin dead is than Ma Da Dun.The white horse helps 8,000 good brave fellows, is jocose?
    And, this Hong four Yes are old come son, that is little to take charge of, the year leads 30 at present, time is exactly a body to strengthen most , more declare Ma Bang's second highest hand of white, be second only to Hong four Yes.
    These two greatest gangs fight for several years, and don't talk.The day of this Chuang's pouring is to lead safely.
    Turn an eye, would be for more than a yearses in the past, year of distance fiesta left for few days.
    Teng green mountain home.
    " Elder sister Lan, green mountain in your house still has several days, 16 become adult.Can also seek a daughter-in-law."A women smile to pull the hand of mother Yuan orchid, " I old house of niece small Yuan, that can be treated as a flower of our big Li Zhuang.This year 15, also become adult soon, with green mountain in your house, that is made by nature rightness."
    Man 16 become adult, woman 14 become adult, the general man became adult, can seek a daughter-in-law.
    "The small Yuan is that kid, I have never seen and behave how?"Yuan orchid some ideas move.
    "That still uses to say.You look for person to find out pry, small Yuan that is absolutely a good kid who knows one's places, affirmation in the future show filial obedience husband's parents, and home what affair can't do?"This women connect to say.

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    "Since is a friend, my Wang Tie Feng also does you the honor, you Chuang in the Teng house, one person pays one big money of mourning, this affair just."Two take charge of a straightforward way.
    "Two take charge of indeed as expected straightforward."The Teng green mountain also says with smile.
    "Grandfather."The Teng green mountain turns a head to see past.
    Hear one person pay one big money of mourning, clan long Teng cloud dragon immediately and the surrounding person scraped up the money, once one person mourn big money, Chuang in the Teng house adds to also need to pay 202 silvers.After all ten mourn big money to just calculate 12 silvers, year money helping than that white horse all wants to ascend low big 1.
    Father Teng any always immediately delivers 202 silvers.
    "Receive money in year."Two take charge of an order way.
    Immediately Ma Ze receives 202 silvers.
    "The green mountain brothers when goes to my iron mountain and helps, I, will certainly good meat good wine beautiful woman, invite brothers you, today, not much foolish, the brotherses, walk."Those two take charge of'Wang Tie Feng'ascended on jumping red fire horse, immediately lead the way, take a to roar and shout but go to for Ma Ze, quickly disappear within the scope of view.
    On distance road in Chuang in the Teng house, Ma Zes closely one.
    "Two take charge of.Did "a youth that rides a green Zong horse connects a way, " pass so that boy?"
    "Hum.The "two take charge of one to hum low, drink to scold a way, " somebody else is just many big, so severe, can teach so severe pupil, you say, will his teacher be bad?Many one matter rather little one matter, now is the key time that fights with Ma Bang of white, should not make an enemy of more."
    "Two take charge of to say of to."That youth connects to flatter a way.
    Two take charge of me but is to lower the head to took a look a chest, the clothes of chest contain a hole and think of previous that act, two take charge of still not from frighten carry on the back to keep emitting sweat behind:"This Teng green mountain, pick me up 18 bomb a mountain hammer, unexpectedly still enough dint's killing me , today, wased a King of Hell in front to walk an encounter.If this Teng green mountain not is to have regard for my eldest brother, also have I iron mountain help of 3,000 brotherses, I today, perhaps and really plant."Previous that act is too quick, the outsider sees not pure, but two take charge of me to know.
    The Teng green mountain looks, finally throws to fly and says to candidly admit defeat.
    Can actually, Teng green mountain once one broke his clothes, the but again accepted a gun, and the active countermarch threw to fly and set up for to lose.
    That a moment, the Teng green mountain completely can kill him.
    Now that the other party do one the honor, two take charge of to can't not do the other party the honor, either, just one person only accepts one big money of mourning.And, truely fight ……even if Chuang in Tu Diao Teng's house, he is these horse of 1,000 people, perhaps have no how much can live.Most important of BE, he can not live by himself.

    Chapter 35 matchmaker comes
    Chuang one in the Teng house is pleased to celebrate, the whole person of Chuang son's re- creating good front door first , and then on that night, is also the person of one clan to put feast to celebrate in doing Wu Chang some kind of.Since these days, iron mountain's helping has already been to money that a lot of Chuang sons accept a year, the clansmens of Chuang in the Teng house are worrying ……
    Iron mountain helps an arrival, will bring what terrible result.
    Don't know is make people terrified most .
    Now then the result in sky but is satisfaction of everybody concerned, used 202 silvers to conclude this affair, the whole clanses don't have one Human body dead, isn't this an exultation matter?
    "Ha ha ……green mountain."Teng cloud dragon holds wine cup, " I this heart can have been lifting in the throat eye today, however too like, 202 silvers, all solve.Had no iron mountain to help and white the horse help of threat, I Teng surname one clan can also lead the best day in this proper city."
    In this morals of the world, be like Chuang clansmen in the Teng house so, can eat satisfied wear warm, is already a nice day.
    "Today, can all depend a green mountain."One side Teng the Xiang always also smile to toast, " green mountain comes, brother-in-law respect you one cup, you but saved my one life!"
    The Teng green mountain connects to start to toast.

  • Inseparable marksmanshipDatum06.03.2023 04:19
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    Deng ground!
    The Teng green mountain body hurtles before the form, the Bin iron in hand long gun imitates a Buddha together black lightning flash and keep stabbing two chest of taking charge ofs.
    "Good marksmanship."Two take charge of to shout at top of voice, that iron chain on rounding, unexpectedly book the long gun that lives a Teng green mountain.The body hurtles before the form, brandishes the red copper ball on the skill and hits toward the head of Teng green mountain at the same time.
    Teng green mountain also for opponent once this iron chain round, but feel surprised, look like simple on rounding, but can attain on the foundation that not influences two red copper balls thus fast, there are no few years bitterness achievement, difficult.
    "Break!"The Teng green mountain shouts at top of voice.
    The long gun in hand is fiercely huge to shake, hold iron chain, directly hit over there two to take charge of loins, will those two take charge of to hit of not from fly to throw, that tight of the iron chain also loosenned down, Teng green mountain connect take advantage o power take back long gun, foot 1:00, the whole individual starts to fly, direct gun stabs to air of two take charge of.
    "Bomb a mountain hammer!"Two take charge of to have his face raddens all over, fiercely a suddenly and violently drink, the red copper ball on the right hand takes a peculiar voice to ring, laceration air, hit toward the gun of Bin iron.This hammer hits bottom, imitate a Buddha ten thousand catties of megaliths bomb bottom, letting people feeling can not resist.
    The Teng green mountain person is empty in the half, grow a gun in the hand but as if snake, sting at red copper ball side up, Qiang of a , the gun of Bin iron at contact comply with the surrounding a to turn for an instant-
    Inseparable marksmanship!
    "Burst!"The long gun keeps stabbing two chest of taking charge ofs.
    But who thought of, these two take charge of while bombing one red copper ball, the red copper ball of left hand equally bombs under.
    "Qiang."Treat the Teng green mountain unload the time of opening this hammer, those two take charge of direct one side body of in mid air, take advantage of an opportunity right hand a hold tight the gun pole of Teng green mountain.
    "Let go of!"Two take charge of to suddenly and violently drink 1.
    Teng green mountain feels a strongly to spread to pass over here through a gun pole inside the strength, Teng green mountain hand the convenient energy is abrupt however suddenly and violently increase, ten thousand catties of huge dint infusion is on the gun pole, follow gun pole the direct function is over there two take charge of a hand up.Those two take charge of to feel right hand fiercely a painful, can not control feelings immediately the Panasonic gun pole, immediately inside the operation vigorously, the whole individual very and soon crashes.
    Two take charge of a left hand to hold iron chain, trail two copper balls, the right hand is then tiny to tremble, irritable acute pain.
    "Grasp my gun pole, really seek dead."The Teng green mountain heart bottom dark way, attain person's gun to unite as one situation, grow a gun to equal the hand and foot of Teng green mountain, want to let the Teng green mountain release a long gun, don't equal to break him brothers?To is like this easy?
    "Ah~~~" those two take charge of complexion ferocious, hands each the hold that hold red copper ball, suddenly and violently drink a , the whole personal dance moves two the handles are 100 catties of red copper balls, the moment hurtles to the Teng green mountain of before the body.
    "18 bomb a mountain hammer!"
    Suddenly and violently drink voice is doing Wu Chang sky to ring out.
    Sees those two red copper balls, a hammer connects one hammer, imitating a Buddha that river's water doesn't extremely is generally continuous, and one hammer strength is stronger than one hammer strength.
    "Green mountain!"
    The clansmens in Chuang in the Teng house and Ma Zes are all dumbstruck, quick that red copper ball speed, they unwillingness see a way an unreal image.Fast fierce this hammer shadow, intensive, as if the flood of explosion.
    Intensively bump a shot voice to ring out, long gun gun shadow and red copper ball hammer shadow, make people can not see pure.
    Bump a shot voice sudden disappear.

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    "The autumn of the leaf, if you occupy and do, we return to?Anyway I can't play ball, either."Being blue can heart the soft voice say.
    "Walk, I teach you."The autumn of the leaf touches blue can the cerebellum bag of heart say.
    Being blue can although the heart looks like text weak,have sport natural endowments very much.Point out in the leaf autumn under, blue can the ball skill of heart make great progress.Unexpectedly momentary and leaf the autumn beat a draw.Certainly, this also because leaf autumn at secretly waterproof.
    Two as people are just and warmly fighting, the attendant kid sister of flank raises to begin machine to run to inside the field.
    The autumn of the leaf's walking over to see is Lin Cang Lan's number, be worried that he seeks he to have what matter, hence then pressed to connect to listen to key.
    Unexpectedly words tube in spread unexpectedly is Wang Jian Han's voice, he roars with laughter ground to say:"Two elder brothers, where are you now?I know that you have a beauty to keep company with now, but you can not see the color forgetting brothers, either?You see, I drive you pullout Yan city of, you cast away the Yan city to my a person now, oneself runs and seeks joys and has a good time, and you have the heart to do it."
    The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"You don't also be seeking joys to have a good time now."
    From the words tube in hear there of voice some noisy, the leaf autumn guesses two of them affirmative just what club building of office drink.
    "Ha ha, two elder brothers are astute.I and be the eldest brother drinking.Do you want to come over?"
    The autumn of the leaf saw one eye flank of blue can saying of heart apology:"I still some matters want to handle to walk not to open, tomorrow accompany you well again."
    "Okay, I am to make a phone call to ask.Know you come back a matter many.Your favour.I hanged.BE having a best kid sister the younger sister to put together wine with me, you definitely could not guess is who."Wang Jian Han says with a smile.The board room Su is solemn, a flock of old man who wears to pack a star soldier divides row 2 rows.Although they have been enough of old, the hair has already been dyed white by the years.But their waist poles still keep standing a ground of perfectly straight, shoulder load severely wounded that wear a China national wealth people Anne of country.
    After death the fresh flowers vomits a pistil, beautiful desire drop.And these old man the military dress on the body form fresh clear contrast.A just a soft and harmonious grand view.
    "……Discover after careful and attentive survey in the military situation bureau, the leaf heavy captain is really framed up.He and NUMBER ONE cutthroat the organization basically has no contact, didn't evened once betrayed the national interest to them ……"what to be speaking is bureau chief Chen Fang of military situation one bureau.
    Although his post is in the center some to is insignificant in these old man sons, because he is the bureau chief of military situation bureau.Accept order to investigate this matter again.So, after a weight of military authority will get to deliver words, start being worked a report by him.
    "At that of in the activity, leaf heavy captain body first private soldier, successfully completed organization to hand over to his task.Just because the intelligence report inducement that is subjected to teammate finally just bring about tragic incident ……"
    Wait until Chen Zhu the speech complete, board room inside quietness.No one talks.The owners are all silent to noiselessly sit.

  • Is politics to riseDatum27.02.2023 02:53
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    There are numerous people being staring at this position.
    If the Yan house drive leaf autumn ruthlessly Tong one knife, love power and influence again, a bit unpopular.
    Is politics to rise?
    Be know into back."How do you like me?"The autumn of the leaf dauts blue can the jet black and long hair of heart, the drama lets the ground ask a way.
    A mean person enjoys success of overbearing looks.
    This once was the father's position, but now, oneself has to personally take back.
    If the old headman knows, will definitely very happy?
    He, finally can above board time Yan city.

    Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person chapter 633 martyr regression
    "How, walk?"The leaf autumn asks a way while wiping a shoulder but leading.
    "Still occupy?"The Yan pleasant breeze stopped a step, but didn't turn head.
    "Want a dozen of field friendly games?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
    "Friendly game?"The Yan pleasant breeze voice becomes Yin cold, this guy the such Duo Duo is pressing, really think that oneself feared him.
    The thing that is recklessly and blindly do waits.
    "Yes, friendly game.The special kind soldier compared a martial big match to lose it to hand over arm last time, very sorry in the heart.All say you is in the soldier first superior.I to this admire already a long time.Certainly, if you today just ill of words, we next time again the opportunity to seek is all right."Rub in leaf's autumn hand blue can a hair of heart, smilingly ask a way.
    Early want to challenge Yan pleasant breeze, but hasn't been finding out a suitable opportunity.Yan that old headman in house intentionally pretended illness to avoid a greater half responsibility this time, let leaf the in the mind have been having a Yu spirit to have no way excretion for autumn.
    So, if can beat the grandson of Yan old headman suddenly and violently.It is also 1 kind to quite goodly give vent to anger a way.
    Say again, some days ago suddenly Wu four heavy strength, let leaf for autumn the in the mind self-confident heart soared.Even if have never led a hand with this guyed, don't know his depth, the leaf autumn in the mind is to the slightest don't fear to.
    The crary war idea surges forward at heart, the whole bloods of bodies all burn to seethe.
    Or don't fight?
    The in the mind of the Yan pleasant breeze very difficult choice.
    The circumstance of Yan house tells him now, must be low-key, not the ability is causing trouble to living.
    But the leaf autumn force and make him really want to promise down to the desire of combat now.His in the mind also needs to release a fury.
    "Is sorry, I want to rush through time, next time."The Yan pleasant breeze says with a smile.Probably the surface is still as well-mannered as past, the voice was still one Hong to is bright before, but he felt to what things be passing.
    1.1:00 of, hurtle oneself's body in draw out.
    "The Yan is little, you how?"
    "Eldest brother, this boy challenges us and he is polite what."
    "The Yan is little, don't I seek a good hand for you?"
    The answer of Yan pleasant breeze lets these escort at him after death of childe's the elder brotherses are very surprised, more is a profound discomfort.
    Before, they felt Yan pleasant breeze asylum, feel regardless what persons all need not had scruples about.
    But now----He is unexpectedly frightened.
    Brush-off, be not succeed in escaping of had better lend?
    Female afraid marry wrong Lang, male afraid stand wrong brigade.

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    Hong Kong has already so had many people, where still have own time and crevice?
    Is needed the this place stays and waits, be he thought of he to come over and see while coming back, that was waited for by oneself of happiness.
    Is this a love?
    BE belong to blue can the love of heart."I like to wait you here."Being blue can the heart once turned a face.
    One looking at a leaf for autumn.
    The autumn of the leaf is in his forehead lightly on kissing, ask a way:"Is not feeling hungry hungry?Want to eat in the evening what?""Is not hungry."The blue ear heart says.
    Just finish saying, belly the ground of Gu Gu called.
    The noon ate a little and disputed suspicion with others in the afternoon and just did sport of high strength again, the belly still was really a bit hungry.
    Being blue can the heart awkward and shily cover up head into quilt, don't dare to see a leaf for autumn of eyes.
    Outside ring out a leaf indeed as expected the laughter of cajolery is for autumn.
    The autumn of the leaf stretches hand to clap blue can the heart carelessly peep out of Qiao hip, say:"Get up.We have a meal."The satisfied Ai thinks Yin desire.
    Descending the cow has already several times once foughted, so leaf autumn and blue can heart at have a meal also need not immediately hasty wear rush through to return to."Leave.Take you to go to a divertive place."The autumn of the leaf says."Go where?""Went to and then know f " leaf the autumn sold a crisis.
    The car of leaf autumn turned curved, then walk to suburban area in the Yan city.
    Stand on whole transparent steels to turn vitreous mansion doorway, blue can the heart raise head to looking at for a sky, Anne the placard of the club neon flicker say to the leaf autumn:"I know here.""Do you come to lead?""Have no.I listen to the person once speaking of here.And, there is still student in the school here up make."Being blue can the heart say.
    Anne club in the sky is in the Yan city can be treated as widely known existence, she even if has never come, from the other people's circumstance that the inside will also know some this places."Go in and see."The autumn of the leaf says.
    Or the greater half year ago fee soar to take oneself to do piece sovereign year card, member's fee handed over ten several ten thousand, this half year come but have never had fun any further.
    2 people just walked into hall, then pregnant wore white hot trousers and short sleeve T of the beautiful female kid of Xu faces to come up."What the Sir, the young lady, has to help you?"The female kid sweetly smiles, a face respectully says., Want a tennis court."The autumn of the leaf talks of time pass own sovereign member's card."Okay.Please two to be located on retiring room to slightly wait.I this is that you arrange."Female kid finishes saying, then and in a hurry but go to" leaves.Change body clothes."The autumn of the leaf says.
    Take blue can the heart walk to the independent rest that belongs to sovereign member's card.
    Suddenly, alertness of leaf autumn's making him feeling a pair of eyes is looking at their hes title, then saw just just come over here toward the this place in front of Yan pleasant breeze.
    Many eyes disappear, the Yan pleasant breeze still keeps being the image of a lightly moving good childe.
    The western dress that wears valuable in proper form, smiling face warm gentleness, the bearing is well-mannered.
    It really is a man who easily makes the woman infatuate.
    He is getting a to help the son the person to come over, everyone's dress packs orderliness and sees to them having already coming over, being just preparing to go out now.
    2 people's view in the sky collides, the electric current spreads densely in the air.
    Someone knows a leaf for autumn, as if deep in thought the ground see a leaf for autumn, and then see nearby of Yan pleasant breeze.
    Those incognizant leaf autumn of, also know 2 people affirmative have what observe a festival.

  • really self-confidenceDatum07.10.2022 17:03
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    Is public a.Empress then the uproar of laughter in the audience come.
    The gratitude dark wears a face.Say:"Is very funny?So many people.Make a simpleton successful in career?Since come.That sees a true chapter on the car.Say.You this who appear?"
    "I."West shallow language in the door acrosses an ex- one step.Loudly say.
    "Good.It is enough generous."The smiling face on the gratitude face is getting more uncanny."West shallow language in the door.If my person won.You also want to be like three year agos so.Let me in public stir up two box on the ears."
    |The shallow language picked to pick eyebrows.Ask a way:"Of person?Isn't your ratio?"
    "Ha ha.Of course not BE.I still have self-knowledge.Where meeting is the opponent of queen adult?I invited a friend to run with you a he can't definitely let what you disappoint."Gratitude ha ha the cachinnation say.Heel at he after death of those men and women also all a looks of small ambition.Smile very is work harder.
    Just while being public to talk.The autumn of the leaf they just came of road again beat come a tie a dazzling glow-in-the-dark.That only orders like surprised thunder lightning flash.Make quickly people|not the Xia answers.Have already give°ed the mountain way of that superfluous danger to finish running for short few minutes.To this of the front door drive to come over.
    Till this time.The autumn of the leaf just sees clear this car
    A Ferrari of solid black color 612 gratitudes hurriedly ran to pass by.Toward the car door opening to say:"Zhang Que .Have fun to kill this woman for me."
    "I is responsible for a car."Man's cheeks in the car is emaciated.Eyes are as deep as a wolf.Stay to have much of an offensiveness of short inch of.The voice mildly says.
    "Ha ha.Good.As long as won that woman."The gratitude roars with laughter of say.Seeing to him is to respect this car hand very much
    The autumn of the leaf sees the man in the car.Unexpectedly he also got to Hong Kong.Words like this.West shallow language in the door is very likely to go to lose this game.
    The autumn of the leaf has never seen a western shallow Mao car.But once experienced that man's speed.He is very not optimistic about to west shallow language in the door.
    The autumn of the leaf walks over there.The empress that claps west shallow language in the door carries on the back.Say:"I come to run this game for you?"
    West shallow language in the door'win a pleased.Unexpectedly the leaf autumn will stand out for he or she in this time.However.She still calms down of say:"It doesn't matter.Myself come.My speed is still quite good."
    Car and drive dissimilarity.If only think to drive meeting the words of the Mao car that is gravely mistaken.She has never seen a leaf an autumn motorcycle racing indetermination a leaf an autumn meeting a car also.So the leaf autumn go up to take part in a game.It is very likely to will appear trouble.
    "You aren't his opponent" leaf the autumn keep white's saying.Since know who her opponent is.The nature didn't make her go up from seek to humiliate of necessity.He just heard the Ke that the gratitude put forward at the time engraving a condition.If he won shallow language in the door of west to want be in public been two box on the ears by him.
    A women are in public stired up two ears is what kind of humiliate?Much less Di of this household in the door of a woman still a west fastens.
    "Are you how can anyone know?"West shallow language in the door stares big eyes.
    "I once had a career with him."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "You" west shallow spirit in the door throw up blood.This man returns be really self-confidence.Oneself runs to win.How know that the other people run not to win?"I is BE how are you."The leaf autumn is one face Tan, of say.And west the door get along with toward these two brother and sister of shallow language in the thing door long.Everyone is more quite good friend.And the personal characters of their both the brother and sister are all very good.Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er are also talk very much with west shallow language in the door of come.Oneself should also stand out to do some son for her what matter
    "Shallow language elder sister.You make the leaf compare for autumn.He the Mao car is fierce.Or car king."Lin Bao Er pulls the arm of west shallow language in the door.Say.
    "The king of the car?"West shallow language in the door puzzles of ask a way.
    "Yes.Tang Tang's elder sister is a car behind.They disliked too much.Clearly say to take me to go to.But jump the gun to go out.Otherwise I am a car behind."The full face of Lin Bao Er discommodes of say.
    "Lin Bao Er and then is talking nonsense.Carefully I tore lousy your mouth."Tang Guo runs to come over to pull Lin Bao Er's ear to say.

  • mostly can not playDatum07.10.2022 17:00
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    The persons who see a front all with go out a wood'son and Tang Guo also full face excitement of the young mans bringing with gratitude fight mouth battle.The autumn of the leaf not from of the wry smile write to shake head.These two female kids.It all be becoming a woman.Or so easily excite.Meeting an uneven matter to hate don't take knife and others to chop down.
    The autumn of the leaf also took car heel the behind in the car brigade run about of the road is more and more strange.Don't know as well they usually Mao car of of square is what of square.
    The sky is more and more black.The week doesn't have one silk light.Only Qi the outline of the steep mountain way and mountain peak faintness in the distance.A flock of young young man young girl drives gorgeous and dazzling sports car to bum in the night view.Someone loudly screams.Someone arrives the stereo set once refitting in car biggest.Is ruthlessly oppressive be full of metal of dying the breathing happy torment everybody's ear.
    Chen Mo Nong although the feeling is even.But whenever hear someone tore heart crack lung of shout.Eyebrows meeting often wrinkle up.She disgusts pole this kind of sense of vision violence.
    Finally.Front|arrive a bunch of tie strong light and car of the voice of motor.Obviously there under way wear the car game of a vehemence.
    The car brigade is in an expanse of ex- stopped down.The autumn of the leaf also slowly decelerates.Droved into car from the entrance."Here yes well-known powder Ling deer neck.Every time round the days can see several set Ferrari Lin Bao Jian Ni Porche etc. supercar.Even some master sports cars and greatly the row measure the motorcycle will also arrive this to join in the fun.Powder Ling's hasing become the organization of billionaire car owner"insolate a horse""Sunday"(SundayMorningDrive) is a little bit hot.Quite a few year ago to lead once.The sting that not too likes this kind of to take that the life changes feels enjoy.So hardly come.It is a shallow language to pour is the frequent caller here."West the door stand toward the east at the leaf autumn after death.Help him and Chen Nong explain in detail.
    The west door knows who his/her own the advertent important person thing is to the east.So his view then has been putting an autumn body at the leaf as long as is he thinks that the leaf doesn't understand for autumn of will immediately come forward an explanation.This elaboration strength sons all let the leaf for autumn touched.
    What gratitude opens is the head that a silvery cloth pulls the dragon of Di Wei, this car is like a stealthy rat.The carriage but again is a cake of to clap flat of bread.The whole car gives people the felling of the very tightly packed.The lines of flowing freely type gives whole increased many pleasant impressions.
    In addition to 00 the concept car driving in the movie belong to this the most expensive.Be worth of USD 10,000.It adopts a W type 16 urns of motives to take four turbo machines.Very and more can attain 407 kilometers of terror a small.Even all exceed to move a car set.
    The leaf sees him to the autumn from that car in come out.'In don't already laugh behind one's back.This goods still really be like inside of of those panic simpleton that are rich to burn.Buys the most expensive.Doing not buy is quite the cheese.407 kilometer per hours.Even if being oneself can not necessarily give as well all of its speed advantages exertion comes out.His technique is afraid is even the halfs are all difficult to rush out.
    Want to know that the rich mostly afraid of death.But the person, who afraid of death, mostly can not play a sports car again.
    He doesn't dare to play a life Mao car at least.
    Yes.The car is to play a life.When the speed arrives extreme limit you will feel.That isn't the car to run.But is a person to in the sky fly.
    The gratitude swagger walks west shallow language in front in the door.The idea of one face asks a way:"Queen adult.Have already got ready?Is you up.The small white face that still lets you after death up?"
    Company Chu has been standing on the west shallow language in the door is after death.The one more is called by the gratitude stroke to do "small white face".Face again the Shua Be getting reder a while.Point at a gratitude to say:"You----Who do you say to is a small face?"
    "Certainly is say you.You be not'ha ha.Company big childe.You are to want to make track for queen?I advise you and then don't take pain to annoy.See you this weak character.If I woman.Can't want your this kind of man, either."Gratitude Pie Pie|.Laugh at to say.

  • These year the originalDatum07.10.2022 16:56
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    Rich man.And then also needs enough intelligence.But be like protect own kid general.Need to nurse with milk to put on more clothes.Occasionally still need to wash to wash a diaper.Thus then the kid can strengthen growth.The beard is smooth to arrange in order China billionaire the placard are 49 for 10 years to fall a horse to"have an accident" up the billionaire of placard.The proportion reaches 14% of total number.Can this not also explain a problem?"
    The west door surprisedly looking at leaf toward the east for autumn.Just simple of contrast problem.But have never thought the so careful Rui that he will answer.
    The west door has a research very much to the economics to the east.The weird phenomenon of rightness also has very deep understanding.But China the person has a characteristics.Be"way.Say not of".But have never thought a leaf can be so open for autumn of problem**nakedly expose in own in front.
    "Speak of so.The harbor produces childe's elder brother to pour to ascend of set noodles?"The door of the west choose the easier way toward the east of say.These problem leaf the autumn can say.He can not say.
    "Who can grow prosperous not Shuai?Have again how many to can once enrich 3?"The autumn of the leaf squinted Jing to smile."However the circumstance like this is changing.Old headmans of Yan city still have already wished and done some affairs.Those a hearts become rich turbulent but real Qian of probably hard Li rains and winds of bottom heart to work the household of industry.Their posterities are all very and excellent.Also can't;You get empty diagram with department too many."
    "The leaf was little to encourage.I don't calculate male elder brother in Hong Kong's representative's person.The atmosphere soul that those childe's the elder brothers a hundred years that also have no a way and Yan city sink to certainly come out compares."West|put to say to the east.
    "Condescension."The autumn of the leaf woulds not like to entwine on this problem again, either.By hand point at a gratitude to ask a way:"He is what position'be then been negative by the shallow language over but can climb heel west household in the door call knothole person.Have no in Hong Kong how many?"
    "Xie Jia in Hong Kong."West the door say to the east low voice.Be like fear own discussion will drive other people to listen to to similar.
    "Return be really solution the joss-stick have thus No.1 thing."The autumn of the leaf frankly says."The leaf is little don't know also and belong to as usual."West door the east see anterior several people still sword at the lips gun.Company Chu ran over to help the west shallow language in the door to talk.Be unexpectedly scolded by the gratitude of|the red ear is red.Even can not say it the words of sentence integrity.Smiling of light tone.
    "Thank family members to get empty the branch of household to also belong to the most important an at the department.Gratitude with of is a father surname his mother is also a department to get empty.Xie Jia's industry isn't in Hong Kong.But in Malaysia.The father of gratitude thanks east wise was the rubber of in the world big king to monopolize 52% of rubber industries in Malaysia.Xie Jia's group is underneath to have four large listed companies.Xie Jia occupies an of controling absolutely.These year the original material be all rising in price.Depend the house of agriculture and plant house to greatly get rich by chance.Stock price a rise to rise again.Be rated as an absolute being vestige.There is bottom in the house like this.Again have a department empty household on the side.The gratitude is a person a little more insolent also not is manage in of matter."
    The brains of leaf autumn is clear.No wonder that don't know Xie Jia in Hong Kong why thing.If if and Xie Jia's contact in Malaysia get up.Make people understand them to relate to.But have never thought Malaysia one household Xie Jia is unexpectedly the collateral branch that takes charge of to get empty household.Return is really an astonish news.
    Let the leaf feel that homework that he or she is at ordinary times really was too little for autumn.It is still much notter enough to background understand of these key persons.See.Want to give an account that the information that the nether person notices to collect this aspect measured.
    West shallow language in a great rage in the door comes over here.To west the door say to the east:"Elder brother.You accompany them to have a meal here.I go to heel that bastard's car.The half comes back after the hour."
    The west door shook to shake head to the east.Say:"I or go together with you
    Once turned round again to looking at a leaf for autumn.Ask a way:"You and does Ms. Chen, Ms. Lin, , Ms. Tang, eat some things here first?We are very quick and then come over to remit to match with you."

  • and others fightDatum07.10.2022 16:53
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Diskussion

    "My mouth isn't so clean and how wear?If you if would like to of words, it can also help you Yang."The man laughs at to say and lead heel at he after death of the friend's uproar of laughter in the audience.
    "Gratitude, you really shamelessed BE?"West shallow language in the door pushes away crowd and runs the in front of He Xiao Wu, she stands together and reluctantly looking at in front ground man to say.
    "Alas!, I say today He Xiao Wu talks so blunt, is have the queen adult the on the side.How to wear?You does western house in the door connect other people to shameless to also want a tube?"
    Gratitude 1 are disgraced the appearance of having no the skin, the triangle eye of that deceitful darks at west the body of shallow language in the door up sweep around.
    "The Hey Hey disappears for several days, did the queen return to decent life?"The gratitude Yin Hui ground says with a smile.
    "Gratitude, you don't the letter believe me to stir up your box on the ear?"West shallow language in the door stares at a gratitude, cold say with a smile.
    "Believe.Woman what don't the matter dare to do?I hasn't this left face ever wasn't stired up by you?Do I remember to know.Don't want to report the words of paper headlines, must keep calm.Is everyone a honourable person, make physical advances to calculate what?There is skill, drive to go out Mao 2 turns with me?If you won, I kowtowed apology for you, hereafter see your noodles calling your grandmother."The gratitude looking at west shallow language in the door and says with brutish look.
    Leaf the autumn in the mind is secretly shocked, in Hong Kong, unexpectedly and someone dare call with the person of west household in the door plank, also is really an unusual happening.Don't know this gratitude as well is what position, is regardless new four greatest householdses, is still old four greatest householdses, seem to be all to have no this surname.
    However see this power, seem 2 people to before observe a festival very deeply.The leaf sees the western door to the autumn Senkaku Islands is toward the eastern steady, a that is full of confidence to the younger sister power, also stand on the crowd behind in spite of don't ask, wait for the progress of affair.
    "The ratio compares, I also need not you call my grandmother, you are glad, would I not like to be also.You lost to need to kowtow apology, hereafter don't step into AIMA one step to become."West shallow language in the door icily says.Want to come, she is very and self-confident to own car skill.
    West eastward mood silk in the door didn't be influenced by the matter that younger sister and others fight.It is on the contrary a face apology to looking at a leaf for autumn.Say:"-Know words like this.We should literally eat some things in the home first.Make everyone hungry belly now.At isn't the west household in the door to entertain guest of way."
    Leaf point west door is shallow.Concern of ask a way:"Is the shallow language all right?"
    West door to east the look in the eyes weirdly looking at leaf for autumn.Put to say:"Do not drive the outward appearance of this Ni son to bilk.Did you just don't hear the nickname that they call her?"
    "Queen?"The autumn of the leaf smiled.Wish.Tang Guo of the front is suited for this nickname very much.Talking to work is proud similar to queen.Never accept defeat to anyone.Even if met an oneself beloved man to carelessly fall to into a feeling net.Still is working harder of struggle.Would not like to lead off to surrender."Yes.She.Came out quite a few year.Return no one from ability her body up once had cheapness.If not that is previous she humiliates gratitude too malicious.Also can't so thick-skinned of consume to do a rightness with shallow language.It is all turn of the person in the son.Still want some faces.Be like he is like this disgraced to have no skin of performance.Hardly see."West the door stand toward the east at'the left side of the autumn.Smallly to his explanation way.
    The west absolute being with eastward door Piao gratitude.Ask a way:"Childe's elder brother of the harbor and the childe elder brother ratio of the Yan city wasn't little some precipitate?"
    "Compare but`.Inside of the law more easily let childe's the elder brothers heart living to float Zao to the invalid direct of Qian Quan's stratum.Is homicidal to set fire need not.Who would not like to look for next stimulate?Can rush and swerve about madly of fierce run the red light.Who take pleasure in waiting in the zebra crossing again?
    The look in the eyes of leaf autumn changes of icy cold come voice deep and low full of magnetism of say:"The policy changes policies too frequently and the next generation the billionaire grow of the original sin also make them sink into finally hysterical madness to collect wealth and spend lavishly status.

  • but is to knowDatum18.11.2021 04:26
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum BI Liesing

    The song idea pushes away a door, a face smiles idea ground to walk to come in and see Lyu Biao sit in the leaf autumn office, the facial expression includes one silk Yin Yu, but very quickly concealed go, and front of the attitude is as if not the same person, a face respectully says:"Leaf's director didn't bother your conversation?"
    "Have no.Do I at the right moment occupy to seek you to talk."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile, didn't also let the meaning that the song idea sits down.
    Listenned to words of leaf autumn, song idea center of earth inside fiercely one Luo Mao.Don't dare to let the leaf first make a showdown with him for autumn, oneself was placed in passive position when the time comes.The smiling face on the face is getting more heavy, the bodies all soon become a bow type and say with a smile:"Ha ha, that returning was really a Qiao.I also at the right moment occupy to instruct to leaf's director.Leaf's director, today is the first day that you take a post, according to formely rules, our this Anne protected inside in an office newly arrived colleague, all wanted to go out to have meal together.I just had already given Chu the Xiang building to make a phone call and settled the pack of elegance.At noon, leaf's director appreciates a face and we these inferiority have meal?"
    Leaf autumn ground look in the eyes smilingly at song idea face up conjecture, this is a typical model ground mean person.Who the geography be been heavy and then stood who there.See now climbing of oneself miraculous sort to Anne protect a director's position and come to try to please oneself again.Want to make up the fault in morning?
    Song idea drive leaf the autumn stare at ground very uneasiness.The heart jumps ground severe, but have to force to maintain the leave on the face to smile.Very is truly be willing to the ground stare at a leaf autumn to see and wait for his replying.
    If the leaf autumn promised the dinner party in noon, is be not even if is the apology that accepted him?
    Song idea the in the mind is jittery, very anxious to the head in autumn going up according to the leaf make him hurriedly promise down.
    In the song idea drive leaf the autumn stare at ground to soon collapse of time .Leaf autumn just light head in the location, say:"It is since usual practice formely.I can not make, either special.Everyone has meal that noon, in brief some good."
    The song idea at heart rejoices with wild joy and says:"Like, according to leaf director ground the designation do.I now arrange."
    "Etc.."The autumn of the leaf shouts a song idea.
    "What order does leaf's director still have?"Song idea one face smiles idea ground to become overdo.
    "H'm.I still need to discuss with you a matter.It is concerning your business son of work post adjustment."The smiling face on leaf autumn face light Lian goes, the facial expression changes ground to seriously get up.
    "How to adjust?"Song idea at heart fiercely on sinking, keep a town quiet hard, looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.
    "Pass this morning's understand of ground observation and some on the sides, I feel that you isn't suitable for again serve as two groups of captainses ground job.Certainly, you are also the old employee of company, we still specially look after to you.If you would like to of words.Can continue to stay to do bodyguard at the Tang."
    Say so on the leaf's autumn mouth.In the mind but is to know, the song idea is how to also be not likely to continue to stay to do member common bodyguard.
    Place to up keep on falling from the captain position.And the inferiority in past become even, this kind of hugely fall bad to he this kind of attempt weigh of the person came to say to is an impossible acceptance ground.
    Indeed as expected, the song idea facial expression greatly changes, the face starts distorting and asks a way:"Is this the meaning of your meaning is still a director?"
    "My meaning.However I will be with personnel department communication of."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "How to say director piece?"
    The autumn of the leaf was knocked to knock table with the finger and said:"I think that you make it's wrong.You should call he piece-pair the director is just right.Anne protects the personnel of department to appoint to control on the my hand, needed to communicate and then go with personnel department.Does this have what relation with Zhang Fu's director?"
    "You this is to fight revenge.I want upward noodles to complain."The song idea is angry ground of to roar a way.
    "How to listen to so the ear being familiar this words?You can upward the noodles complain, not today do a perjured matter have already left case bottom in the personnel department, they will comprehend me to your post adjustment ground.Moreover, I ain't afraid to in plain terms tell you.I am fighting revenge."I don't do bad person, but also have no a necessity to do sage.

  • work groundDatum18.11.2021 04:23
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum BI Liesing

    When the leaf autumn conjectures Lyu Biao, Lyu Biao is also conjecturing a leaf for autumn.All say that the sky drops a farcing a round flat cake the ground the matter son is impossible occurrence of, the lord of in front drive sky drop down of big farcing a round flat cake to hit last?
    "Captain, how many years do you work at the Tang?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
    "Seven years."Lyu Biao presses the smoke bottom in the ashtray of in front, hand again habitual of touch smoke.But see a leaf the smoke of inside in the hand haven't sparked for autumn, think that this new superior doesn't like to smoke.Again pressed for smoke to return to.
    "Ha ha.It doesn't matter.I also smoke."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Find out fire machine from the table.Send over there fire in person.Shan in Lyu Biao Yan a silk appreciate now of color, don't refuse, peacefully go up smoke to spark.
    The autumn of the leaf also sparks the smoke in the he or she's hand and accompanies Lyu Biao to take out together.Say:"Seven years?That work of time was still pretty and longly.Seven words, that time Tang Shi just just rising?"
    "Yes.The Tang's development ground is too quick, a kind for a day that time.I is the Tang recruits to come of second batches of public securities.A stem is seven years, originally think to want to move a nest ground today.Unexpectedly----"Lyu Biao took out smoke and said:"Unexpectedly stay again.=Novel 520 deliver=="
    "Do ground why thoroughly want to walk?Want to walk a ground of person isn't you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "You also saw, does this Anne protect a department to still be like what appearance?Foul air ground.I can not stand this bird spirit again and leave is also inevitable.Early want to leave.Just has been loathing to give up the wages that the Tang opens for us.Otherwise, who would like to wait upon that big Ye here?"Lyu Biao Men voice the stuffy air ground say.The tone inside has many disaffection to Zhang Zhan.
    "I comprehend your difficult place.You can not walk, the Tang still needs you this kind of be willing to executive officer.Dare to say true words ground person."The autumn of the leaf truly be willing to the ground say.
    Lyu Biao hesitated for a while and said:"Leaf's director.Can I beg feeling?"
    "For who ask for a favor?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to conjecture Lyu Biao.
    "Song captain.Our relations are always quite good, at ordinary times he the work ground also work harder.Was forced by director piece to just say those words today-----, Can leaf's director not put in the mind?"Lyu Biao seemed to be never to once do this kind of matter son, some kind of words said that a ground of Ke Ke touches ground, and the along while just speaks to understand.
    The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Not ability."
    See the facial expression that Lyu Biao disappoints.The autumn of the leaf doesn't think that the person that make he or she draw together intentionally leaves heart and says with a smile as well:"The opportunity is equal.Someone can hold tight.Someone didn't hold tight.Someone basically has never realized to stretch hand to grasp.You say that the song captain is forced, this I admit, but be not take off for he opening of lend.You were also forced at that time, why didn't you follow their meaning to speak?"
    "He abandonned his own moral qualities and occupation morals to want to hold tight an opportunity, he held tight.Got director piece's good will.But, the affair look like the some mishap is just.What kind of territory ground will he be now if I have no opportunity to sit to talk with you here?"
    "The person does amiss to settle a dispute all good to the punishment that should have.I arrive at here and is punishing oneself.He does amiss to settle a dispute, I also want to punish him.I don't know he at ordinary times is how work ground, but a ground of matter done sees today he.He isn't a qualified leader.I can't so the underground belong to.The Tang doesn't need employee like this as well.If pass him because your ask for a favor, this is for taking no responsibility myself.It is also for taking no responsibility the Tang."
    The autumn of the leaf finishes saying this words very smoothly and in astonishment discovers, oneself originally is also place he or she's position to put in ordering Gao the morals ground system, occupy vantage point ground to point hand painting feet to the other people's moral qualities.Originally think oneself doesn't is bodyguard and cans make rascal for and sees now, can also take part in China the public official of the country the examination try.
    There is heart that if join the government, perhaps a political Nova will gradually rise.
    Lyu Biao says with ashamed look:"Leaf's director says ground BE.I am to feel I with him relate to well, so want to make him stay.I made an effort, top how handle, is no longer the matter in my ability scope.

  • after the eventDatum18.11.2021 04:20
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    Don't say that the logistic department is an illegitimate profit an abundant ground of section first, can far keep off to open an exhibition this to have no good inferiority, being also his dream Mei the affair is in order to the ground.
    Qu Yi knows that the back of Zhang Zhan has tough backstage, seduce into wrong doing a way:"Director piece, the distance director would not like to talk, you have to stand out to talk.This must has to arrive after coming first be not?Even if the distance director rises sharply, the position vacating should be also taken office by you just right.How fell a New appointee inside in the hand?This will let the brotherses tremble with fear of."
    This sentence at the right moment Zhang Zhan's soft rib in Chuo.He delivers so big quick temper today.Aspect because oneself Cheng cures of the opponent be not driven out to go out, on the contrary become own immediate superior.Still have important reason be, originally should the his turn take over shift duty of Anne protect a director's position to place how disappear so?
    Zhang Zhan's nothing important greatly just can.The senior high school hasn't graduated, cannot attend book.The family helped him the activity some kind of, ran to be a soldier.After retiring from the army back, be like a rascal did nothing ground in the Yan city Si to mix quite a few for year.He cans not get uncle's earth shine to attend to until own wife's younger sister and the Tang'sly important shareholder serve as ten thousand clear cloud of vice president the Tang to get married and entered the Tang.After doing captain for a year.Is very quick and then promote to protect a vice- director for Anne.And all people all know and be distance brave a draw apart a bottom.Anne's protecting a director's position is his.
    He originally also thinks so.At least today ago still think so.But the affair ground progress came from public unexpected happening.
    "Does my station come out to say?Does my station come out to say what?This is the top ground decision, I have what qualifications point hand painting feet?"Zhang Zhan has no not bashful say that oneself once seeks an uncle, but uncle says that he or she is also incapable for the words of dint, the facial expression deeply depressedly says.
    "Director piece, ten thousand general managers aren't you ground relatives?Can not seek his help to say?-----My meaning is upward that you represent our Anne to protect a department noodles reaction reaction circumstance.Say that our whole Anne protects a department and stands firmly for a director to serve as Anne to protect a post of director towards suddenly parachuting a director all some puzzling, we."The song idea would not like to also give up ground to say.
    He already choose last Zhang Zhan's this sort, can hope that this ship can be Bon voyage, the calm has no wave ground to arrive terminal point all the way.
    Zhang Zhan He Chang doesn't want to do so, can this is the group headquarters office approval of, from president's assistant thunder-storm in person and personnel manager Bu talk good ordination.What does he respond to have to use?
    Certainly.Can't admit defeat at Zhang Zhan of orally, cold hum a way:"Sit last this position again how?I pour and see him to sit steady."
    The song idea didn't see any parlance there from Zhang Zhan.The facial expression embarrassedly returned to his/her own office.Thought of oneself is a perjured matter today, give°ing this lately- taken a post director to give offense to deeply was afraid.Have to think what way make up the relation just go.^^The head delivers novel ⑸⒛ 0^^
    Ye Qiu knows he or she is promoted and protects the after the event of a director for Anne, just a little bit astounded.When he sees the thunder-storm appear for a ground of time, thought of that Tang Guo will definitely know that he or she arrives at the Tang'sly a matter.
    Is so also good, let her in the mind reduce some self-reproach.
    The autumn of the leaf by accident sees the photograph of leading Tang Guo on the medium, although have fine makeup ground to cover up, and the dress and the hair style on the body is also is carried on by the most professional image designer to design, can these things can not cover up her the weariness of the one face.
    These day, she must be very tired.
    Clip a smoke in leaf's autumn hand, but didn't spark, sat a term Anne to protect a director's skin chair in belonging to up, looking at in the his in front stuffy voice to smoke Lyu Biao.
    The autumn of the leaf isn't bad to Lyu Biao's impression, although the time in personal interview and oneself some conflict happened, and 2 people still directly once exchanged blows,was still straightforward.This morning spoke out from a sense of justice and almost threw away own work.If not that the thunder-storm stays he, afraid is that he has already got fired to walk a person now.
    Ye Qiu thinks that Anne that regroup the Tang protects a department and still keeps needing a person who acquaints with does a guide.

  • minister smoothlyDatum18.11.2021 04:16
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum BI Liesing

    Tang Guo is in a short while idea to move very much, can consider, the facial expression gloomily says:"Or don't ."
    The thunder-storm doesn't understand Tang Guo clearly and very would like to, but not do so reason.But superior not say, she also not dare to ask.
    Say again:"Want to be not, still leaf does the autumn stay in 2 brigades?We rise his post, Zhang Zhan didn't seek the qualifications that he bothers.And, need not president hereafter begin, Zhang Zhan returns can in leaf's autumn hand up beg for what cheapness?"
    Tang Guo nods and says:"This idea is quite good.Make him be Anne to protect a director."
    The thunder-storm facial expression is one Leng, say:"President, so-----Was too quick?Originally of Anne protect a minister how do?"
    "Was the logistic department minister to soon retire?Let original Anne protect a minister to take over shift duty.I come to a decision, make the leaf is Anne to protect a minister for autumn."Tang Guo determinedly says.
    When the total group office appoints this the announcement go out after, aroused the vibration of the whole Tang.
    The bodyguard that accepted appointment to come over yesterday advances to Anne to protect a minister today?Was this boy to do rocket?Connect to rise six classes a while.
    Zhang Zhan facial expression dark ground looking at table up of ordination book, eyes stare a ground of red.He how can not also comprehend, a small bodyguard how suddenly became his/her own immediate superior.
    He makes a phone call to argue by reasoning to the uncle, can uncle but say that oneself is also incapable to is dint, because this is in person what president criticizes down.
    Originally this boy top also someone, no wonder that dare toward stem with oneself.The bowel son of Zhang Zhan Di all want regrets Be getting greener.
    The autumn of the leaf connects to rise six classes a while, from a just just was recruited incoming small bodyguard to get stripe to protect a director for Anne a while, become the tallest representative director whom Tang An protects system, this result let people Cha eyes surprised snake.Someone is happy, the nature is what someone worries.
    At least song idea while hearing this news, will be drinking aqueous cup to failed.He just just chose station at pair director, Zhang Zhan, there, and as for time that dealt with a leaf at Zhang Zhan for autumn, his Mei wear the conscience cheated certificate.That guy unexpectedly became his/her own immediate superior now, does the later day return how to lead?
    When song idea knocked the office door of opening the exhibition, see one of his ground in total disorder, scattered on the floor a ground of document, Zhang Zhan for expressing his/her own tasty the idea bought especially of the china container for pens of the fallen petal flowing water also falls off ground to smash, there was still on the office wall cup hit to come up of cave print and tea-leaf Zi.
    "Director piece?What circumstance does this isexactly ?How to become this appearance?The that leaf autumn connects a soldier to retire from the army certificates to all have no, how became Anne to protect a director?We of distance director?"The song idea comes in and then hastily asks a way.
    Zhang Zhan Xie depends to smoke in transacting chair, didn't also get up to greet a song idea and heard the sorrow color on his face, the at heart was also an uncontrollable rage to rise, cold say with a smile:"The director of the distance?The distance director adjusted to arrive frequently a department to be minister to go.That place is a lucrative post, he which would like to still just here consume?Appoint down today, he even confiscates things ten run that direction to sit a class.Peacetime stem what work didn't see not arrive he run so quickly."
    The autumn of the leaf advances to Anne to protect a minister smoothly by rocket speed, and originally of Anne protect a minister distance brave tacit approval to also have a certain relation.If he would like to stand out to speak a few lines, probably the affair don't seem to be now as well like this irretrievable.After all, this isn't suitable for rules be not?And, even if want to rise, you must make people hand over to answer a work for time.
    So, the tacit consent of Zhang Zhan to the distance brave has some opinions very much.
    The distance brave also includes his/her own viewpoint, because Zhang Zhan's identity is special, the peacetime didn't also how put him in the eye.Although the distance brave overcomes hard, didn't take place with Zhang Zhan what self-contradict conflict.The in the mind still keeps hasing some prejudice to him.Because Zhang Zhan tube ground too breadth, Anne protects the work of department at ordinary times he also the nothing important opportunity participate, almost will drive Zhang Zhan to build on stilts.

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