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The Teng green tiger in astonishment connects to browse to open Zitat · Antworten

Chapter 35 white Ma Bang Liu's three Yes
In the morning, iron connects top of hill a , Teng green mountain and Teng the green tiger is 2 people.
"Green mountain, do you seek me to occupy?"The Teng green tiger is extremely proud of success recently, 50 five long have a competition, he obtains the first, getting 100 men is long of, certainly proud.
The Teng green mountain pulls a long face:"See you like this, you forgot, in June, be that another time recruit New appointee.When the time comes black A soldier will definitely eight weakest 100 mens long, make this eight weakest 100 mens long go to with newly arrived top-grade Wu Zhe, fight 100 man long of."
The Teng green tiger is one Zheng, immediately touch head, the Hey Hey says with smile:"The Zha does to do for the Zha when the time comes!"
"Immediately after."The Teng green mountain takes out a book from the bosom and hurls.
"What is this ?"The Teng green tiger answers, this obviously was some book of preliminary draft bookbinding but becomes, not print edition, the white paper of this cover up the writing have four big words-very hot fire five types!
The Teng green tiger in astonishment connects to browse to open.
"Green mountain, this, this ……" Teng green tiger eyes are shone, the surprise looking at a Teng green mountain, "green mountain, this is and inside the strength match with of marksmanship secret!You which come of?Oh, my inside strength match with this marksmanship, power big.However, look pretty complicated appearance."
Suddenly, the Teng green tiger is one Leng, the Zheng Zheng looking at a Teng green mountain:"Green mountain, this, this is the Mi book that returns a dollar religion?Believe in inside can there is order, they give of Mi book, disallow to pass other people indiscriminately!Otherwise be breach Zong Gui!I can not learn!"Say to connect to throw to the Teng green mountain.
"Trust, am I that kind of person who don't know what is importance?The Mi in"the Teng green mountain smiles and hurls, " book 《very hot fire five typeses 》s are created by me, your learning is free."
"Green mountain do you create?"The Teng green tiger stares big eyes.
Teng green mountain and then take out a《is raging flames to execute by shooting 》 from the bosom:"This 《being raging flames to execute by shooting 》 is to believe in inside give mine, actually, you learned 《 is raging flames to execute by shooting very hot fire five typeses of 》after greatly becoming, again learn 《s 》better.However, I can not breach, either to stipulate inside the religion.Plus, be apart from the next New appointee to enlist, time is too short, let you learn 《is raging flames to execute by shooting 》 first, you will too late study 《very hot fire five typeses 》s."
Returning a dollar Zong Zong Gui is severe.
Give an one person Mi book, if the this person full world spreads indiscriminately, that returns a dollar religion to still have what secret can talk?So, Mi book only I can learn, if Be spread to outsider, that responsibility for can Be getting bigger.
Endanger the light, estimate to all want to close into a jail in about a year, let it repent.
Endanger the heavy, for example will believe in to spread to go inside the count for much Mi book, that, abrogation fighting skill, or directly sentence to death, all certain.
However be like 《very hot fire five typeses 》s this kind of from create of, return a dollar religion to can not help, contrary, return a dollar religion once knowing, also want to register this Mi book very happily to, according to lately creating the power of Mi book, also give the reward that person's height of creating the Mi book don't wait.
"You directly learn 《 very hot fire five types 》, the difficulty is a little bigger!However I teach you in person, the problem isn't big."The Teng green mountain has much of confidence, " you listen to strength of the ability Be getting more quite good and estimate again lead several years, you can attain the situation that person's gun unites as one."When Teng green mountain was young, very easy attain person's gun to unite as one.
That is the Teng green mountain previous incarnation is the cause of respected master.
But Teng green tiger, attain person's gun unite as one, this'big gun stake'need to be done for a long time.
"H'm, green mountain, I listen to yours."There is some expectations in the Teng green tiger.
"Since today, everyday morning a half hour, the evening is a half hour, study this marksmanship."The Teng green mountain says.
"BE, cousin's teacher!"The Teng green tiger Xi says with smile.

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