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06.03.2023 04:19
Inseparable marksmanship Zitat · Antworten

Deng ground!
The Teng green mountain body hurtles before the form, the Bin iron in hand long gun imitates a Buddha together black lightning flash and keep stabbing two chest of taking charge ofs.
"Good marksmanship."Two take charge of to shout at top of voice, that iron chain on rounding, unexpectedly book the long gun that lives a Teng green mountain.The body hurtles before the form, brandishes the red copper ball on the skill and hits toward the head of Teng green mountain at the same time.
Teng green mountain also for opponent once this iron chain round, but feel surprised, look like simple on rounding, but can attain on the foundation that not influences two red copper balls thus fast, there are no few years bitterness achievement, difficult.
"Break!"The Teng green mountain shouts at top of voice.
The long gun in hand is fiercely huge to shake, hold iron chain, directly hit over there two to take charge of loins, will those two take charge of to hit of not from fly to throw, that tight of the iron chain also loosenned down, Teng green mountain connect take advantage o power take back long gun, foot 1:00, the whole individual starts to fly, direct gun stabs to air of two take charge of.
"Bomb a mountain hammer!"Two take charge of to have his face raddens all over, fiercely a suddenly and violently drink, the red copper ball on the right hand takes a peculiar voice to ring, laceration air, hit toward the gun of Bin iron.This hammer hits bottom, imitate a Buddha ten thousand catties of megaliths bomb bottom, letting people feeling can not resist.
The Teng green mountain person is empty in the half, grow a gun in the hand but as if snake, sting at red copper ball side up, Qiang of a , the gun of Bin iron at contact comply with the surrounding a to turn for an instant-
Inseparable marksmanship!
"Burst!"The long gun keeps stabbing two chest of taking charge ofs.
But who thought of, these two take charge of while bombing one red copper ball, the red copper ball of left hand equally bombs under.
"Qiang."Treat the Teng green mountain unload the time of opening this hammer, those two take charge of direct one side body of in mid air, take advantage of an opportunity right hand a hold tight the gun pole of Teng green mountain.
"Let go of!"Two take charge of to suddenly and violently drink 1.
Teng green mountain feels a strongly to spread to pass over here through a gun pole inside the strength, Teng green mountain hand the convenient energy is abrupt however suddenly and violently increase, ten thousand catties of huge dint infusion is on the gun pole, follow gun pole the direct function is over there two take charge of a hand up.Those two take charge of to feel right hand fiercely a painful, can not control feelings immediately the Panasonic gun pole, immediately inside the operation vigorously, the whole individual very and soon crashes.
Two take charge of a left hand to hold iron chain, trail two copper balls, the right hand is then tiny to tremble, irritable acute pain.
"Grasp my gun pole, really seek dead."The Teng green mountain heart bottom dark way, attain person's gun to unite as one situation, grow a gun to equal the hand and foot of Teng green mountain, want to let the Teng green mountain release a long gun, don't equal to break him brothers?To is like this easy?
"Ah~~~" those two take charge of complexion ferocious, hands each the hold that hold red copper ball, suddenly and violently drink a , the whole personal dance moves two the handles are 100 catties of red copper balls, the moment hurtles to the Teng green mountain of before the body.
"18 bomb a mountain hammer!"
Suddenly and violently drink voice is doing Wu Chang sky to ring out.
Sees those two red copper balls, a hammer connects one hammer, imitating a Buddha that river's water doesn't extremely is generally continuous, and one hammer strength is stronger than one hammer strength.
"Green mountain!"
The clansmens in Chuang in the Teng house and Ma Zes are all dumbstruck, quick that red copper ball speed, they unwillingness see a way an unreal image.Fast fierce this hammer shadow, intensive, as if the flood of explosion.
Intensively bump a shot voice to ring out, long gun gun shadow and red copper ball hammer shadow, make people can not see pure.
Bump a shot voice sudden disappear.

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