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Seven guides to clean love dolls Zitat · Antworten

The sex doll is a popular love doll that allows you to explore all sexual fantasies in your chosen sex position. Sex dolls establish contact with single or married romantic partners. After all these lovely sexual activities under and under the bed, you should repay your favor by taking care of it. This is not a difficult process, but people may not do it correctly or excessively. This can harm the sex doll in various ways and can indirectly harm you if you are not careful. To avoid these situations, it is advisable to pay close attention to the details you are learning today.

After having a great experience with love dolls, this cute doll needs personal hygiene. Past experience has shown that excessive cleaning of sex dolls shortens their lifespan, which is inconsistent with the suggestion of ignoring hygiene habits. It just tells you that you need to be guided to do it right.

Protect from! Many questions about the right way to clean a lifelike Dutch wife are summarized in the cost guide.

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