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Its smoke is rich, the taste is mellow and comfortable, and its powerful and domineering appearance fully demonstrates the supreme identity of the smoker. The coke content is moderate. It combines the mellow smoke and the aromatic taste. The taster is relaxed and happy Wholesale Cigarettes. The essence of smoke not only looks mighty and domineering, but also shows the luxury of the emperor. The dragon-shaped pattern is a symbol of the supreme status. The high-key fragrance combines the long and long artificial fragrance with the original tobacco fragrance Newport 100S, and the smooth smoke brings extremely comfortable enjoyment to the smoker. Whether it is the blending of tobacco fragrance, the mellowness of the fragrance Newport Cigarettes, or the fullness of the taste, it performs very well. Although the price is high, it is worth the money. It is well deserved to call it the king of cigarettes. The first thing you smell when you open the package is the strong smell of tobacco, and then you smell it deeply, and you smell a faint smell of alcohol; I like this smell very much; lighting and smoking: rich and plump smoke, mellow taste, pure smoke, The smoke is natural and not choking, not spicy and tasteless; the strength is moderate; the silver filter is also very beautiful and simple. Its packaging adopts the main tone of silver-gray bag, the surface is specially treated, the pattern is simple, and the printing is exquisite. Baisha Silver World makes you feel a kind of mellow, elegant and free flying. The world of silver, romantic feelings, and fashion style are all in the "Baisha Silver World". The packaging is very machine-like. It should be more difficult to fake. The cigarettes are all white. Of course, the color of the cigarette holder is slightly gray. It was already very fashionable at the time.
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