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Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes Zitat · Antworten

The packaging is made of metallic silver. A red slash represents Wanyan’s roof logo. There is a large ice bead pattern on the left side of the lid Cigarettes Online. The black Marlboro is very eye-catching, and the red bar is printed with a small red. The word BEYOND means transcendence. The big black framed epigrams on white background are in three rows, followed by Chinese and English words printed with very small tariff unpaid. The packaging design style is still concise. The top is printed with black Marlboro and red BEYOND. There are physical and chemical indicators printed on the left, English tax-free words are printed on the lid of the box Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and there are information such as authorized production instructions and brand dedicated telephone numbers. When the box was opened, a faint mint fragrance came out, and the inner liner was silver. The taste of mint completely overwhelms the original taste of tobacco. The mouth is full of cool and sweet mint taste. It is not strong or strong, elegant and suitable. Some people say that it is toothpaste, which does have a refreshing effect. In short, it brings you Come and feel very cool! It is packed in 100s soft and long-healthy, and when you take out a white cigarette and smell it carefully, it is still the classic smell, so to describe it! The smell is too unforgettable. I searched for countless words that can be described, but they are all difficult to express. I can only describe it roughly, don't laugh, don't spray! It is a faint sweet fragrance of mint leaves and tobacco. I can’t wait to ignite one Cigarettes For Sale. A familiar smell fills the whole mouth. It is smooth, elegant and full of smoke. I personally think the taste is far superior.
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