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Renegade Meta Pro Let's look at how to build a neck and what it will give us. In fact, it is not only the external component that is important, it is certainly enviable to have a massive neck, but developed neck muscles also protect against injuries, for example, they can protect against vertebral fracture or reduce the degree of concussion. Yes, we are not often at risk of breaking the cervical vertebra or getting a concussion. At the same time, we often sleep in an uncomfortable position, stretch our neck forward while working at the computer, or strain during any household manipulations, as a result of which pain occurs in the neck or head. Such pain arises from neck muscle weakness and poor blood supply to the brain. Trained neck muscles allow you to correct your posture and improve blood circulation in the brain, enriching it with oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, pumping up the neck should not only be for a spectacular and impressive appearance, but also in order to prevent injuries and ensure the normal functioning of the body in everyday life. Also, the neck muscles perform the function of a stabilizer in many strength exercises, for example, in the deadlift and bench press of the bar standing, therefore, with sufficient development, they can affect the results in the exercises. Nevertheless, many neglect the training of the neck, believing that this muscle group grows from an indirect load or does not even think to swing it. This approach is absolutely not justified, as evidenced by examples of imbalance in the development of neck muscles, when with a large total body weight, the neck and head look like lollipops. There are four main reasons why neck training is simply necessary: injury prevention general well-being functional strength development improve posture and give a masculine look How to build a neck Now that we have decided for what purpose we should rock our neck, let's figure out how to do this as efficiently as possible, and most importantly safely.

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