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On July 19th, the teacher led our classmates in Guzheng class to participate in the three-day tour of Rizhao, eating, drinking and playing in Rizhao, and having fun at the beach. On the afternoon of July 18th, my mother and I bought something to eat, drink, play, and wash. In the evening, I prepared all kinds of things, and I slept with big and small things. About 5 o'clock the next morning, I got up, prepared things, and gathered at the door of Teacher Shang's house. At 6:35 in the morning on July 19, we set off and took the bus to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but the road was long, we all fell asleep at 11 noon, our journey was over, and the teacher led us to the seaside fisherman shop to stay , 5 a room, one bed per person, and my classmates in a room are Wang Yuhan, Qiu Yujia, Wang Lele, and Yang Yunqi. When we arrive at the dormitory, we must eat immediately. The teacher is afraid that we will delay the afternoon journey, so we are ordered Quickly after dinner, around 1 o'clock, we took the bus and headed to the beach. We all put on big shoes and carried a bucket and a shovel. When I got to the beach, I looked at it from a distance. The blue sky was connected to the clear blue water. It was endless. When I looked at it closely, there was a lot of green algae in the sea water. Sand, because we are rushing to the sea, there are crabs and hermit crabs in the sand. Of course, we have to dig three feet to dig the crab! In the process of digging, a wave crashed violently. While the classmates were unprepared, we burst into wet clothes. I happened to be squatting at the time, and it was strange to say that my jacket was soaked, but my pants were not wet at all. But although the coat was wet, I didn't care at all. One reason was that the clothes of other classmates were also wet. They didn't care. What I cared about. Another reason is because the tide is low at this time. If you do not dig hard Marlboro Gold, the crabs will be washed away. One minute, one second, one drop at a time, my efforts have been rewarded Marlboro Red. I have dug a total of 6 crabs. Unfortunately, I ran 2 crabs. At 5:10, the teacher led us back to the dormitory. Before leaving, we looked at the endless sea reluctantly Wholesale Cigarettes. The day is coming to an end, someone in our dormitory is bored, bought 2 and poker, 5 of us are fighting landlords, I do n��t know how to play, but the cards are good, I lose almost every time, even though There are many three belts, one pair, right pair, plane platoon, etc., but I usually play cards recklessly, no matter what my partner has passed, what will happen next? Please continue to watch my "Rizhao Three Day Tour 2".
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