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21.04.2020 03:30
On a Sunday in the Zitat · Antworten

On a Sunday in the summer vacation, our family went camping. This was the first time in history. I quickly packed up my equipment and prepared to go. At eight o'clock in the morning, we finally arrived at the camp. Before taking a break, Captain Dad gave us an order: set up the tent in 15 minutes and go to the meeting point. I thought: Did it take fifteen minutes to set up a tent, did the captain make a mistake? Looking back, my father and mother were already doing the heat: I saw my father first took the folding tent out of the travel bag, gently pulled it away, and fixed the four corners with nails, and my mother supported the top corner to prevent collapse Wholesale Cigarettes. Seeing this scene, I also hurriedly started to help my parents set up a tent. After a while, the tent was finally completed. At this moment, the main beam was loose, and a nail in the southeast corner was swayed by the wind, and it could hardly support it. With a bang, this tent Overwhelmed, fell down, and a hard work vanished. I immediately panicked and hurried to "rescue", and my parents also came to help, hoping to rebuild it immediately, but unfortunately contrary to my wishes, I did not set up the tent several times. Still my father was in danger, I was asked to discuss with my mother, and found that the reason why I could n��t afford the tent was because of poor cooperation: my mother was supporting the tent when the father was nailing the nail, and the nail changed because the nail was not nailed. Crooked; I was pulling the tent while my mother was installing the beam Newport 100S, making the tent easily blown down by the wind. Drawing on the previous experience, this time we are united and working together to finally set up the tent. Looking at our masterpiece, I smiled happily. At noon, under the captain's organization, we had lunch. Lunch food is really everything, such as: ham sausage, boiled eggs, lunch meat, raw tomatoes, etc., and even some can not eat in the city, such as: pheasant, mountain vegetables, wild cauliflower, etc., is really satisfying Good luck. In the afternoon, we all sent out to go boating again, which made me interested. This time the boating is divided into 6 groups, each group of 8 people sitting on a boat, but also to compete with each other. "Beep-" The whistle sounded, and the six ships flew out like six arrows Newport Cigarettes. I have 5 men (including me) on this boat, desperately paddling, I think: as long as we work together and work hard, we will definitely win! Anyway, things are more unexpected than I expected, and the other five ships have already surpassed us, and far away from us. I just found out that although we are all desperately paddling, everyone's rhythm is different, there are front and back, fast and slow, and even "fight" with other people's pulp! I told my father this point. My father nodded and said a few words in my ear, so I and my dad shouted together, "One, two, one, two!" Under our influence, we also adjusted the rhythm and crossed forward. Ten minutes later, we finally won the championship night and we went home. Lying in bed, my mood can't be calm for a long time. I think: we must have the spirit of unity and cooperation in life, but sometimes we have to use our brains to think. Only in this way can we get a career. This is really a happy and meaningful Sunday
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