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10.10.2019 10:06
ncle, Auntie" and so Zitat · Antworten

Volunteers are both familiar and unfamiliar to me. Volunteer is ambition and wish; person, person. Then "zhi" is the ambition and desire to give and help others. They always wear a vest, silently offering love and help, just for people's smiles. Today, I am honored to be a member of the Jinshan Railway Volunteer Service Team to provide guidance and consultation services for passengers. Today's weather doesn't seem to be too gloomy, and there are drops of rain falling from time to time. I was arranged to work on the platform next to the ticket gate. Before starting the service, the teacher gave us a brief guide. "X platform, please go here." "At the same time, your hands should also point to the direction of the platform." Following the teacher's instructions, we immediately started the service work. Volunteer service is both hard and happy Marlboro Lights. At the beginning of the service, I simply said: "X station is going here." The passengers passing by me seem to turn a blind eye to me. Suddenly I felt like I was a repeater, repeating the sentence over and over again At the same time, the guiding effect is not good, and there are still some passengers in the wrong direction. At this moment, I am trying to think about the reason. Suddenly, I have a chance to move: If you add some warm, popular Internet terms to the guide, you may have unexpected effects. Later, I saw the old name "Apo, Grandpa" and the younger name "Uncle, Auntie" and so on. When I use these titles to serve, the rate of return and praise rate increase instantly. "X station, please go here, what?" For the addition of the WeChat network language Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the younger brothers and sisters often reported a warm and smiling smile; the uncles and aunts praised "the children are really cute" and "thank you." Suddenly, the mood of low and shyness was swept away, and I felt warm in my heart. Volunteer service warms up your heart while helping you with your heart, always remembering the spirit of volunteerism of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress"
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