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10.10.2019 10:06
ning that ordinary people ca Zitat · Antworten

The sparrow slept on the telephone pole and said, very summer feeling. The sun is shining, and we are sketched out of our young age. Going out early with classmates is for today's event. An unforgettable event - condolences to the Marine Police. When I came to the meeting point and saw the classmates who had not seen for many days Wholesale Cigarettes, I missed it. After playing for a long time, I saw the teacher's figure. After the gathering, I went to the place we expected Follow him, walk on the road and go to the sea police dormitory. First of all, the sea police gave us a thrilling training. Every heroic and heroic, heroic and domineering. We may not taste it for a lifetime. Then we visited their dormitory. It is orderly, clean and tidy. Their accommodation is just more air-conditioned than when we were in military training. The rest is the same. I still remember that I was looking forward to going home every day during military training, but it was only seven days. They have lived here for so long, and they also have children with wives and parents. But they still insist on guarding the country. This quality is hard to learn. Look at the serious look of the sea police, and then look at the quilts of their stacked squares. It is also a bit shy to think of the lazy appearance of military training in the past. After the visit, we followed the sea police to personally touch the gun is the life of the warrior, is the weapon of justice. We learned about guns and watched them with guns without bullets. Warriors have gun weapons, and they may not be able to win. The capital they have won is the training that ordinary people can't accept, whether psychological or physical. We were indoors and watched the video. Mud pools crawl, floods, high-speed reactions, over the fire, high-altitude rock climbing, high-altitude landing and so on. These are all the training that a warrior needs to face, and it is a common home for a warrior. Compared with their will, we are so weak and small. Time passed was really fast, and it felt like it didn't take long to dissolve. Before the dissolution, we took a group photo and gave the condolences to the uncles of the sea police. It is also a testimony to this unforgettable experience. Sitting on the bus, it is difficult to calm down for a long time, and finally can not help but sigh again, the sea police uncles are really hard Marlboro Red, thank you for their sweat and hard work for the peace of the motherland.
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