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Mercedes broke the mechanics curfew overnight at the U.S. Grand Prix in order to make a precautionary change of the fuel system on Lewis Hamiltons car.In order to prevent team members working unnecessarily long hours, the FIA imposes an eight-hour curfew between Friday and Saturday for paddock personnel working on the cars. In Austin the curfew ran between 23:00-07:00 but Mercedes mechanics worked within that time to fit a new fuel system.Teams get two exceptions from the curfew per season, so no penalty will be imposed on Mercedes which had not broken curfew at any point this season ahead of this weekend. Air Force 1 Italia . Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. Air Force 1 Alte Summaeverythang . PAUL, Minn. . NBA officials ruled the court unplayable in the Bucks final exhibition game on Oct. 25 because players were slipping, and the game was cancelled midway through the first period. Air Force 1 Basse Italia .ca NFL Power Rankings, overtaking the Denver Broncos and remaining ahead of NFC competition San Francisco, Carolina and New Orleans. Air Force 1 Scontate . Vaives lawyer Trevor Whiffen claims the former 50-goal man wasnt provided with a copy of the claim beforehand and that he would not have agreed to the allegations made against the NHL had he been asked to review its contents. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the second game in the action-packed final day of the Evolution Championship Series (Evo), featured fantastic clashes between the worlds best players.The top eight players included absolute monsters such as last years champion Nicolas Kane BlueRiver Gonzalez and two titled Marvel gods: Evil Geniuses Justin JWong Wong and Christopher NYChrisG Gonzalez. There was great potential to be found in Juan Priest Corona and Kevin Dual Kevin Barrios. Then, for good measure, there was a mix of Evo tournament specialists, with some who have had multiple top-eight Evo appearances: Luis Paradigm Cervantes, Brokentiers Armando Angelic Mejia, and Vineeth ApologyMan Meka.The top eight was a varied bracket that occupied every space on the fighting game style chart: hyper-aggressive players such as Kane BlueRiver, Angelic and ApologyMan mixed in with defensive styles like that of NYChrisG, JWong, or Paradigm. Whatever your flavor was, Marvel definitely catered to it.A battle of Marvel gods: JWong and NYChrisGTwo of the greatest to ever play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 met in the first round of the losers bracket and the match lived up to the billing. Both players are considered two of the best three or four Marvel players on the planet and it absolutely showed. NYChrisG was the pioneer of the Morgan and the bullet time team arc and JWongs legendary clutch potential became known as the Wong Factor. The last time these two fought at Evo in the losers bracket was 2012 and that match was also an instant classic.The neutral game between the two was amazing. Whether it was JWong dashing in aand out of both Morgan or Vergils attack ranges for a low mix-up or NYChrisGs harassment of normals to force a jump and then jump grab into extension, the face-off was a stalemate.dddddddddddd The difference came down to resources. In the last game of their set, JWong was low on life and meter and had no way to open up NYChrisGs ridiculously zone-heavy team. After NYChrisG hammered the final nail into the coffin, the two embraced to finish what many might consider the match of the Marvel tournament.The grand finals: Kane BlueRiver against NYChrisGWith deafening cries of USA echoing throughout the arena, NYChrisG was fueled by the ebullient energy of the crowd. His opponent, Kane BlueRiver, was the defending champion and showed few or no cracks in his game; he had been absolutely unstoppable before the grand finals and it was almost certain that he would become the first ever repeat UMvC3 Evo champion.What happened next? NYChrisG just played better. He never let Kane BlueRiver get in to start his offense. He stalled the defending champions engine and neutralized his every move.When the last fireball hit and Kane BlueRiver reached out for a sportsmanlike handshake, NYChrisG sat stunned in his chair. Hed done it. Finally, after the years of work and growing success, the one title that had eluded him was now his. Hed had a tough road through the losers bracket, particularly against JWong. But destiny had called and NYChrisG was now immortalized in Marvel history. ' ' '

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