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Mobilesentrix has just launched Swap program. Swap is a small business strategy for cell phone repair shop owners to take a broken glass and get it 鈥渟wapped鈥?for a new one for a fraction of the price. This keeps your part cost below market price and still leaving a significant margin for the shop owner to make, while still retaining the quality of the display and giving your customer(s) a Premium Quality LCD Display Back.

This is totally different from buyback because you don鈥檛 have to wait a week for the product testing. After it is tested you get a payout as at the end of the day where there is 4-5 trades that need to get the displays handed over before it gets reclaimed Buy Nike Air Presto BR Black , go back up to supply chain and into the repair store. SWAP allows you to cut out the reclamation process and make you more profit for the repair.

How will it benefit the shop owner?

As the Industry is changing, many of the higher LCD Screens are getting expensive which prevents many shop owners to be successful in getting a repair in the door. Swap Program gives the repair store an opportunity to be able to get more margin on LCD display Panels or OLED panels Cheap Women's Nike Air Presto BR Pink , but also more repairs.

For Example: If your iPhone X's LCD is broken? And if you buy a new iPhone X Premium LCD assembly then you have to spend $ 260. But in the swap program, send your damaged LCD display and immediately get a new LCD screen at just $ 60-80.

We recommend that a shop owner choose what models are important to them and are a hot sale for his shop. The will initially need to stock 2-3 pieces (or whatever sells every week) on the shelves. Initially Cheap Nike Cortez , they mark down the repair at a very aggressive price where hisher margins will be lower. Then the shop owner is ready to start the cycle of SWAP Program. At the end of the week, they grab all the good displays with broken glass and mails it into the SWAP program. They don need to pay for a shipping label and once the displays hit our warehouse within the same day approximately Cheap Nike Air VaporMax , we will give the store owner the token to purchase a new one at a fraction of the price.

Minimum $2000 Spending is required

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