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I went to a countryside inaccessible and saw an old house in disrepair. Suddenly I found a tile basin buckled on the ground under the eaves. There were smooth and round holes on the tile basin, evenly distributed. It ��s amazing. How are these small holes formed? Driven by curiosity, I approached and looked closely and found that these small holes were not artificially carved or carved. I looked carefully up and down, and suddenly found that there were a lot of deep gullies on the eaves, and then I suddenly felt: the original small holes were formed by rain drops on the eaves, and they fell in the same position of the tile basin. There were countless small holes Wholesale Cigarettes, and it became a masterpiece of nature. Some might say: A drop of water is weak, soft and insignificant. Indeed, a drop of water is weak, but the stone is extremely hard. A drop of water is on the stone, and the stone will not penetrate. However, if countless drops of water are on the same place of the stone, after countless years, the stone is dripped through. The power of dripping, so I am in awe of a drop of water. Although a drop of water seems small and worthless to mention, it has a single purpose and persistence, so it can drip stones through. The power of a drop of water is powerful. The effect of a drop of water is inestimable. The light sound of a drop of water can constitute the most beautiful note in the world. The flow of a drop of water can play the most beautiful melody in the world. A small, small, The light water slowly accumulates and converges to become larger and heavier, accumulating into an indestructible force, giving life the most powerful motivation! Do not underestimate the weak drop of water. If there is a drop of water on the seedling, it will make the leaves flourish. If a bird encounters a drop of water, it will rejoice in spirit; if a dry lips encounters a drop of water, Hope will continue ... Although a drop of water is small, it is the source of all things. Although a drop of water is light, it is the essence of life. With a water source pooled by a drop of water, life will flourish and endless. I saw such a public service advertisement a long time ago: a faucet on the TV screen was dripping water out, the dripping speed was getting slower and slower, and then it dried up. After that, a pair of eyes appeared on the screen, and a tear flowed from the eyes: "If humans don't cherish water Cheap Cigarettes, then the last drop of water we see will be our own tears." Indeed, if there is no water on the earth, then it will not There is human survival and reproduction. Human survival and development are inseparable from water. The growth of crops requires water, industrial production requires water, and daily life needs water. Therefore, we must cherish and save water, and do not allow dripping water from our "fingerprints." I want to let the limited water resources flow forever in the heart of our lives. I like the splendid radiance of a drop of water shining in thcthe middle of the green leaves in the early morning. At this moment, the crystal clear waterdrops are showing not only the smile of morning light, but also the grace of dripping into the sea. It is gentle and gentle, like the beautiful flower that blooms on the branch of life, isn't it? A drop of water can reflect a sun, and a flower can bloom a spring. In a limited life, let's make a drop of water, because a drop of water will never dry out when placed in a river. Although the power of a drop of water is small, but it reflects the great brightness, let us use one The beauty of dripping water awakens people's thirst for life, using a drop of water to nourish those dried atriums, and using a drop of water to pour out the simplest and greatest nature of mankind. Don't underestimate the humble, weak drop of water, because it is a microcosm of the universe in itself. I am in awe of the drop of water, and even more of the perseverance and potential of the most powerful force it possesses.
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